I know a Banana when i see one

While I love SA and defend it with all my  heart,  its hard at times to do so, especially when you read about corruption and fraud and how the laws of the land are regularly flouted by the very people who are supposed to uphold the laws (Senior ANC officials) or, when your friends with the Prez or any other High Ranking official and think that the laws of the land don’t apply to you anymore . The latest saga is that the Gupta family (who some say own SA as well as Prez JZ) managed to land a private aircraft full of guests that were going to attended the wedding of a Niece at Sun City. So this plane just pulls into Waterkloof  Airforce base (a National Key point), and no one knows where the fuck it’s from  or who is on it or what they are here to do. Who allowed it to land??, Don’t they have air traffic control  at the base or where they on lunch? 

Did the people go thru passport control ?.........no Fking chance, they just arrived and fkd off to Sun City for Bollywood extravaganza style wedding.  I am going to the UK in June and just to get into the place that you have to apply (just apply) for visas, they  give u a rectal exam, they don’t just allow a plane load of wedding  guests to land at a main Airforce base in the UK, like RAF Norholt in London, climb off and ask the Officer in Charge to make sure that they put some air in the tyres, fill the tank with fuel, restock the drinks cabinet , replenish the peanuts and wash the frikken windscreen.

After someone blew the whistle that the Gupta’s were using Waterkloof as their personal airport The ANC decided to demand an explanation as to how the Gupta jet had been allowed to land at the base. And demanded that those who cannot account for what it deemed a major security breach (NO Shit Sherlock)be brought to book (as long as it not one of them or another high ranking ANC asshole , of course). So far 4 people including Chief of state protocol Ambassador Bruce Koloane have been suspended (probably with full pay, 3 free meals a day and a subscription to DSTV, so they don’t get bored over the next 3 years, hoping that the public forgets and they get back to work).  

I mean what’s next?, if the Gupta’s decide they need a bigger house and a conference centre are they going to just pull into the Union buildings, or if they have a second cousin 54 times removed sailing into SA he will just sommer pull into Simons Town naval base and demand that one of the boats/ships that still does actually work is moved so that cousin Moonsammy Pravesh Gupta can be nearer Berties landing and does not have to walk to far to purchase a bunny chow and a samoosa ?   

Now I see that the Gupta’s have rejected claims of racism after its been reported that only White workers, make their beds, cook the food and serve them. This is either because as people of colour they want to show that they have the power to make white people work for them or heaven forbid that they themselves are racist and don’t like black people……………either way the unison are up I arms and spitting blood. Obviously they have denied the claims (as one would)as it don’t look good to be Tjomma’s with JZ and be more racist than Eugene Terblanche ever was…………….. Hope the Unions give them hell.  

The Head of the Gupta family Mr Atal Gupta has lashed out by saying South Africans should be grateful that he and his family have businesses here and provide jobs for South Africans (u also make millions from being in SA Gupta, so let’s not get to carried away there boet).......... “Fuck You and the horse you rode in on” this is my land, I am as South African citizen I for one will not be purchasing anything you make or sell in this country…………………….

I have to give credit  to the  minister of defence and military veterans, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula,  who has stated that she did not authorise the landing and, in fact rejected an earlier request for the aircraft to land at AFB Waterkloof.  "However, like the DA I find it  hard to believe that not one minister or deputy-minister in six departments knew anything about the request for the Guptas’ jet to land at AFB Waterkloof. Someone had to know no plane in any country can land without someone knowing about it, so let’s find the culprit and sort the asshole out.
Latest news in is that claims that SA or Metro Police were used to escort the Gupta convoy to Sun City are true. 9 officers from the Tshwane metro police were arrested after they allegedly formed part of a security complement, which escorted Gupta family wedding guests to Sun City, the city's chief of metro police said. "Our members have been arrested," said Superintendent Isaac Mahamba in a telephone interview. Mahamba said the nine allegedly formed a contingent that used private vehicles illegally fitted with police blue lights, sirens and false number plates. It was also alleged that some had carried their service weapons while performing private duties, which was in contravention of the Firearms Control Act. Seems like the shit just keeps on hitting the fan. What an embarrassment (yet another under JZ’s watch) for SA. 
One thing for sure is that this has brought South Africans together no matter your religion, colour or politics we all think that the Gupta’s are flouting their connections with government and especially JZ is absolute KAK . I am also amazed that the ANC seem so pissed off and are demanding explanations, probably pissed off that they were not on the guest list or missed the EFT payments from the Gupta account . I mean WTF could they not have landed at Oliver Tambo like all other ordinary people ?  

Another case showing we are on the slippery road to Bananadom is the ANC Women’s league getting pissed off that their chairperson, who also happens to be the Basic education Minister (not sure if the minister themselves only qualify if they have “basic education” or they just want to ensure that all South Africans receive basic education, so that they are easier to Bullshit)  ---- Angie Mothshekga’s.

She has managed to piss of the Teachers union (SADTU) after withdrawing a collective bargaining agreement, so they took to the streets demanding her resignation etc etc. some of the demonstrators stretched a pair of panties on a sick and wrote “These are Angies panties” on them. This in turn got the ANCWL on the streets to defend their chairperson and made this statement “The Protesters must face the full wrath of our criminal justice system”. The teachers union were also described as “counter revolutionary” and those that displayed the panties need to be condemned.

I mean they should be on the streets asking that rapists, child molesters, women abusers and other scum face the “FULL WRATH of the law”, while u may not like the fact that a pair of panties with Angies name on them were used in a demonstration it does not warrant the “Full wrath of the law”.  

The ANCWL also stated that they were 100% behind the Minister of basic education (spose it does not hurt that she is the ANCWL chairperson) and that she has time and again shown her dedication and determination to see the children of SA receive a decent education.

“What Fking planet are they on?, what are they smoking? Cause I want some”. Education in SA is a Frikken mess, we are one but last in science and maths education , our schools are falling apart, school books don’t get delivered, kids are crammed into classrooms like sardines, sports facilities are non0existent and teachers are not doing their jobs properly……………..Yeah she is really doing a good job and has SA children’s education as a main priority.  
Not that SADTU member have anything to shout about continually disrupting the school year with strikes and go slows that affect the kids, especially the Matrics and its 99.9% black kids that suffer, so they hold back their own.
Well that’s my political rant for the week, what else has been happening here in PE, well I got the Triumph back after 8 months of it getting “repaired” went like a rocket for 30kms and then went ‘boom” , the harly is still in Durban waiting for a part from USA, so I bought the bike 27 march and if I am lucky I will get it just before the trip to UK. 

Gabby and Tania got their Visa’s for the UK and now I am waiting to see if they will re-new my British passport, if they have been reading the Blog, then I doubt it, but we wait and see. If they do then I am going to fly to Portugal for a few days to meet up with my good friend Luiz and do some research on Daniel Roxo, hopefully I will meet his wife Cecelia and one or two of his Children to join some dots in Daniels life story.

Super 15 Rugby saw the Kings lose 2 weekends in a row first against the Bulls at home with a 34/0 battering and then away to the Cheetahs with a 26/12 loss. This weekend against the waratahs gave us a rugby lesson and thrashed us 72/10, it was not a pretty site with the Waratahs  scoring at least 12 tries (I actually lost count) the first one coming after a mere 40 seconds of play, within 15 minutes they had scored 4 try’s and got a bonus point. The Kings defence reminded me of the French built Maginot line that was supposed to be impregnable but the Germans found so easy to bypass. The Sharks lost narrowly again this weekend this time 35/32 to the highlanders the Stormers lost 17/18 against the Blues even though they scored 2 tries to 0 and the Bulls beat the Hurricanes 48/14. So the Bulls where the only SA team to win this weekend , with the Cheetahs on a bye. That leaves the Bulls on top of the SA Log.

I have SAMTRAC the next 2 weeks and apart from that not much exciting is happening.
Have a great week.


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