Ding Dong, ………………

“The witch is dead” ,this is a song from the wizard of oz that is climbing the British Pop charts to celebrate the demise of Baroness Margaret Thatcher who died this week and was given a State Funeral.  The following info from news 24.    

“London - Hundreds of opponents of Margaret Thatcher filled London's Trafalgar Square on Saturday evening for a rain-soaked celebration of the former British prime minister's death earlier this week.
Former coal miners involved in the year-long strike against the Iron Lady's government in the 1980's joined far-left activists and students to drink to the Iron Lady's demise.

An effigy of the former Conservative leader was carried through the crowd, complete with her trademark string of pearls, blouse and flowing hair made from orange plastic bags. There was a strong police presence for the demonstration, an informal gathering organised on social media sites.

Among the crowd were ex-miners from the north of England, who saw their communities devastated in a wave of pit closures under Thatcher's 11 years in power from 1979 to 1990”.

I am almost sure that the majority of the people that were celebrating her death are those hard working “stay at home” on the dole Poms. She was tough and she broke the Unions in the UK by not giving into their demands, I liked her because she stayed a friend of South Africa in the dark (pardon the pun) days…………………..RIP Mrs Thatcher.  

The Queen Mary 2 docked in PE harbour early on Monday morning and left that eve to continue her world cruise, didn't get a chance to pop down to the harbour but apparently crowds of people lined the beachfront to get a glimpse of her as she sailed towards Cape Town.  

went to the Legendary Book Club on Thursday night, its the local Harley club that is in PE and what a nice group of guys, i am a "friend" of the club at the moment and the members then decide at a later stage if i am worthy of becoming a full time member. the guy who's house the dop and a chop was at has a lekker garage that has a pub, its Harley decorated and he has a awesome bike in his lounge. 

gotta get a British passport to go to UK as its cheaper than getting an entitlement visa, even though i want to travel on my SA passport i am still entitled to a Pommie passport so i have to pay for the privilege,  makes more sense to get the passport than the visa and as i said its cheaper. will just have to swallow my pride and accept it.   

The Southern Kings continue to impress me as they beat the Melbourne Rebels 30/27 yesterday in Melbourne, the team is surprising many people, especially the ones that don’t want them to do well. I am going to the airport tonight to welcome them back from Australia, they say up to 1000 people will be at the airport, so it should be pretty cool, in local derbies the Stormers beat the Sharks 22/15  and the Bulls stopped the Cheetahs 5 game winning streak with a 26/20 victory at Loftus. We play the Bulls next weekend in what I am sure will be a full stadium.  

Today (Sunday 14th) is the Iron man, so a large number of “super fit” people are doing a 3.8km swim, 180 km cycle and a 42 km run…………..me after I have done this Blog and gone over some prep work for training on Monday and Tuesday will watch “Iron Man” 

Enjoy your week

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