Snow Lie

A record was set in SA this week with it being the first time that it has snowed in all 9 provinces at the same time. Clarens was snowed in as were many other places in SA. Even Joburg had snow, as can be imagined much excitement by children and adults alike. Claren’s was covered with a thick blanket and on Face book many photos where uploaded to show all of us no longer living in the village just what we were missing out on.

August in SA is woman’s month and 9 August is a public holiday I thought I would re-post this post that I came across while surfing the net. (Well worth a read and I agree 100% with it)

Take your Women’s Day and shove it*

[Warning: this post contains a lot of bad language and shouting. My parents should stop reading now.]

Dear Government (big, small, national and local).Here’s an idea. Take your pathetic, meaningless, mind-blowingly expensive and stomach-churningly patronising Women’s Day and cancel it. Cancel the entire idea of “women’s month”. Tell me, what is the FUCKING point?

Trash that ridiculous, pointless, bloated Dept of Women, Children and People with Disabilities (how’s that for neatly categorising us little ladies – not only does possession of a vagina constitute a disability, but vagina-owners are as powerless and lacking in agency as children). It’s no more than a particularly sanctimonious event-planning agency. The departmental mission? “Ooh, women and children are getting raped and abused, they bear the brunt of criminally lousy education and brutal poverty: LET THEM EAT CUPCAKES! Plus we’ll throw in some glossy leaflets, and send someone in a designer suit to pat heads and make a speech full of platitudes before we jet off for another shopping trip or international conference.”

So ditch the pointless sodding public holiday (estimated cost to the economy: SEVEN BILLION). Stop bleating about the month of women. It’s PATHETIC, considering it’s open season on South African women 24/7, year in, year out. Our rape stats are a global disgrace (Goddess, how many times do I have to FUCKING say this, the WORST in the world for a country not at war – the scale is unimaginable, the suffering ditto), black lesbians have “carve me up and smash my brains in” signs stamped on their backs, rural women and children live in relentless, grinding misery and poverty HUGELY exacerbated by patriarchal strictures, which are of course absolutely sacred (and the fact that the Traditional Courts Bill, which would render these women even more helpless and wretched, is actually allowed to pollute national airtime is a bloody disgrace). We are failing, no, betraying, no, ABUSING children by callously pissing away their only shot at an education, their ONLY chance of a life of decent employment, a form of abuse that will affect girls worse than boys; we’re losing ground in terms of infant and maternal mortality; women without cash are being denied C-sections at state hospitals and giving birth to stillborn babies on the floor as a result. SO DON’T TALK TO ME ABOUT FUCKING WOMEN’S DAY YOU BOZOS.

Here’s a better idea. Instead of the jamborees and a long weekend of more boozing and beatings and rapes, take the money – the obscene piles and piles of it you intend to waste – and use it to fund Rape Crisis, which is having to CLOSE ITS FUCKING DOORS because you don’t think it’s worth supporting, never mind that it does priceless work, not just in enabling women and their families to pick up their lives after they’ve been blown apart, but in taking an enormous burden off both the public health and criminal justice systems. Fund the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, which is literally having bake sales to keep running. All those NGOs that have lost their overseas funding because of the economic crisis – how about funding them, the hundreds that work with the poorest of the poor (which, SURPRISE! equates women and children), which do invaluable work for women with TB or Aids, which support women who are raising grandchildren, running crèches, soup kitchens, micro-employment schemes, food gardens, hospices and all the heroic things that South African women do to keep this country running, NO FUCKING THANKS TO YOU.

Stop whining about the Lotto (an additional tax on the poor) and big business, and how “they need to come to the party”. International funders have been warning for South African NGOs for years, you’re not a baby democracy any more, YOUR government needs to start picking up the tab for this. And so you bloody well ought. What’s next, asking the Lotto or big business to supply the state with ambulances?

So grow the fuck up. Cancel the froth and bubbles. What you have reduced the 1956 Women’s March to is a travesty. That was an occasion of extraordinary dignity and power, and we’d like to remember and honour it without having to use sickbags, please. Lilian Ngoyi and Albertina Sisulu and the thousands of brave women who took part that day are squirming in their graves at your appalling, ongoing, almost CASUAL abandonment of this country’s women, especially the poorest ones. The public spectacle of hypocrisy that is Women’s Day is just rubbing salt into their wounds.
(my note) If that is not bad enough  see that they are going to be building a R100 000 000  (yes 100 million) memorial to commemorate the woman’s march of 1956, are the Frikken serious just think what that money could buy and be used for that would

We won a Bronze in kayaking as well as a silver when Caster came from the back of the field to finish second in the 800m final................must say she ran her balls off to get second.............So well done Casta well done. Oscar and the rest of the 4 x 400m relay team came 8th in the Final this after being allowed to run after the 2nd leg runner was tripped by a Kenyan in the semi final, so he got to run which is good, rumour has it that Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump) wants to make a movie about him.

So SA won 6 medals this Olympics, the best ever as far as I can remember. 3 in swimming, 2 in rowing/kayaking  and one on the track, so it would seem we are better in water than on land. Which is not what the SA navy is good at, last week on an exercise between Port Elizabeth and Durban they managed to crash a submarine into the sea bed (are they hiring taxi drivers for the navy now?) so now the three submarines that cost 8 Billion rand in the infamous arms scandal are all “F#%*kd one has been out of commission since 2007 when the person driving it hit the quay. I found this clip about a submarine tour that was taking place in SA , read the highlited part..................I mean where else would you be able to use the submarine...............On a highway ?
Huge accident about 200 meters from our house on Saturday morning that had two fire engines, ambulance  and even traffic police (must have been big to get them off their lazy asses). Seems two youngsters came down Constance and did not realise that there was a stop street at the bottom of the road, they then hit another bakkie at speed and parts of car etc flew everywhere. One of the bakkies hit two pedestrians and one of the occupants of the one bakkie had to be cut out of the car.............Fun and excitement.  

Been teaching Gabby how to ride her bike and she is doing really well, much better than when my dad tried to teach me all those years ago. I remember lots of crying, shouting and swearing and that was just from my dad. Anyway got to get the basics right and then we can start going on longer rides as at the moment Gabby is only allowed in the immediate area that we live in.  

Last two day in PE it’s been windy and wet, has been raining almost nonstop for the last 2 days.....................Please summer come soon, real soon .

Ok well that’s about for this week, will be presenting SAMTRAC at our PE offices for the next two weeks, so got to do some prep work.


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