"Shoot to kill"

Don’t know about you but i believe that if some asshole shoots at you, you have the right to shoot back and defend yourself and this is even more so the case if you shoot at cops, if you do be prepared to face the consequences. Now as yet we do not know the full story surrounding the incident this week at Marikana Platinum mine other than up to 34 miners were shot after attacking the cops and that Joooooliaaaas is on the miners side (no shock there) and wants Zuma and the police minister to resign(again no Frikken surprise there either).  I mean this is what this tool had to say

“They had no right to shoot," Malema said, even if the miners had opened fire first. Malema is the first politician (and I think they are using that word very loosely here) to address the miners at the site during a more than weeklong saga in which 10 people were killed before Thursday's shootings - including two police officers butchered to death and two mine security guards whom strikers burned alive in their vehicle. He said he had come because the government had turned its back on the strikers.
 Ok so we can allow the striking miners to butcher cops and set security guards alight in their van but no action must be taken..............Are you F%$king nuts Malema. I can bet all the tea in china and all the tender money you have in hidden bank accounts that if those “poor downtrodden and misunderstood miners” came to set you alight, butcher you or fired upon you, you would shoot to kill......................so don’t be a twat.    
Seems now this “massacre” had the Liberals all clamouring to charge the cops with murder and have the fired and then what’s next ?, let’s give them cattle prods to defend themselves?  Or better yet just let people do whatever they fuck they want  because they are upset and angry.Hell even the UK now has armed cops and you can’t get more liberal than them. I know that some will argue that we can’t have cops running around excessive force and that’s a valid argument, but in this case 2 policemen had been killed earlier in the week (sorry not killed “butchered like animals”) 

If I was a cop I would also have opened up with everything i had and more, Bring on the grenades and rocket launchers...............I have no sympathy for those men because they deserved ewhat they got.................plain and simple. And i also get a “Juk” in my pants when I see that the press have made such a huge deal of this but yet we allow Farmers to be killed on a almost daily basis..................but hell no its “shame for the miners who are animals and should be allowed to kill at will and niot face any consequences”........................BULL SHIT, “SHOOT TO KILL”

Oooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah Port Elizabeth and the eastern cape now have a Super 15 team that will be competing in the 2013 competition, cannot wait. Although the fact that it’s for 1 year only as the last placed SA team on the log will play a relegation/promotion match with the Lions to see who will be in Super 15 in 2014. First they are assuming that Super Kings will be last and also its a biot difficult for Lions to keep a Super 15 team in place if there good players (oh yeah that’s right they don’t have any...hahaha) and it’s not fair on Super Kings to buy players for the Super 15 that may only see them play a year....................anyway let’s see how that all unfolds as the Kings do have a huge mountain to climb. 

Still with Rugby the Boks beat the Argies 27/6 yesterday but I was not convinced that this team could in fact beat Australia or the All Blacks, yes it’s a young team but surely you should be scoring 4 tries against such opposition in the first half..................I bet you NZ and the Aussies score 4 tries for a bonus point against the Argentineans.

Weather not that bad this weekend had some sun and better yet no rain for a change.  A couple of local cemeteries have been closed as not deemed safe for workers to dig holes as well as there being a possibility that body fluids etc could be seeping into the water table due to coffins etc rotting due to all the water. I stand corrected but i believe we have either beaten the record for rain recorded in a year or we are close to it and we still have 4 and a half months of the year to go.

Summer or at least Spring is on its way as when i go to work in the morning now its light and its getting darker later, can’t tell you how much i am looking forward to spending time on the beach, that’s what I really enjoy about PE.    

Well that’s it for this week, not much else to say except have a great week and be safe.

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