God save the Queen

Ok so last week I did not write much about what I had been up to firstly due to the fact I had not really done anything interesting and secondly I was just not “LUS” (for non South African readers that means (not in the mood too, don’t feel like it)

This week I also did not do anything really interesting but I am a little more Lus this week than last week.
Watched cricket on Friday at St Georges, must say have never seen a team F%^k up as badly as the Warriors did. Don’t think I have ever seen Ryan so cross before. The Warriors where cruising along nicely at 80 for 2 needing another 47 runs when Colin Ingram (54) was run out by Johan Botha who the very next ball tried to go big and was caught in the deep. From there it went downhill. We only needed 33 runs from 38 balls (6 and a half over’s) that’s a run a ball, tip and run stuff that even 7 year olds understand, but not it would seem highly paid cricketers . instead of just pushing the ball in the gaps these rocket scientists decide they wanted to win the game by hitting the ball into the harbour. We lost the game by 14 runs....................Assholes 

Lots of Chinese takeaways/restaurants in PE, some better than others, what makes a good Chinese rest you may ask? Well apart from authentic Chinese food I would surmise that the name would be an indicator as to what type/class of establishment you are buying your eal from, here are two that do not inspire confidence.

Training this week was ok, was supposed to go to Queenstown on Tuesday, was packed and ready to go when we got an e-mail to say it was cancelled, so lucky I did not ride 353 kms there to be told come home(has happened to me before when I drove to EL and had to come back). Vusi got sick so I took over day 3 and 4 of SAMTRAC for him. 

If you grew up in the 70’sm and 80’s then the Group Queen are one of your all time favourites. I was lucky enough to see them perform live at Sun City in the 80’s, “what a show”. I thought it would be fun to do some research on the group and see what interesting info I could come up with.

Freddie Mercury earned 5 pounds a session as a Nude live model while studying art in the mid 1960’s
While Queen waited to get their big break guitarist Brian May taught maths and science at an inner city comprehensive school.

The original working title for Queens huge hit Bohemian Rhapsody was The Cowboy Song.

Every member of Queen has written a hit single, even drummer Roger Taylor who composed the hits Radio Gaga and It’s a kind of magic.

The original title for the song Radio “Ga Ga” was Radio “Ca Ca” after the popular French childrens expression for excrement. Queen changed the songs title but still sang “Ca Ca” on the record itself.

In 1969 Freddie fitted David Bowie for a pair of boots during his days working at a boot stall in Kensington market. 12 years later they enjoyed a UK number 1 hit with “Under Pressure”

The song “we will rock you” does not actually contain any drums. The famous rhythm came from the sound of the band, roadies, engineers and even their tea lady , Betty - stamping their feet in London’s Wessex Studios

In 1970 drummer Roger Taylor turned down an offer to join Genesis – Phil Collins was hired instead
Before playing live aid Queen timed their rehearsals down to the last second and arranged a medley that allowed them to cram 6 of their greatest hits into their allotted 17 minutes.

Sport this weekend was mainly to do with Super 15, the Sharks beat the Lions 32/20 for their first win of the season, the Cheetahs again managed to lose another game in the dying moments going down 23/24 against the brumbies (so that is 3 played 3 losses) and the Blues beat the Bull at Loftus 29/23 to record their first win their in 9 years. 

I see on Face book, Clarens Breweries are expanding and moving to a new premises on the main street overlooking the square, they will also be brewing on the premises. Sure it’s going to be a huge success and I can’t wait to visit to have a Blonde or 2 or 3 or 4 ........”you get the picture” 

Watched the Kings Speech yesterday, was pretty good, not everyone’s cup of tea, but of you enjoy history and some good acting then do yourself a favour and watch, going to watch Iron Lady today (its about Margaret Thatcher and s supposed to be good)

Well that’s it for this week.

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