Just a load of Bull ?

So it looks like Heyneke Meyer (Current Blue Bulls coach) has been chosen by the clever ones to take over the  job as coach of the Bokke from Helium, not that I know much (about rugby, or anything for that matter) but I would have gone for the current Lions coach Mr John Mitchell, but then I suppose that there is some obscure clause in the SARFU coaching rules that a foreign (and possible gay man) thats the rumour cannot be coach of the Bokke. Anyway it seems that while SARFU want Heyneke, the Blue Bulls hierarchy don’t want to lose his services so a bun fight is in the making, of that you can be sure . (News just in Heyneke Meyer is the new Bok coach and first game the Boks will play this year will be against the Poms on June 9. Seems that Victor Matfield is so happy that his old Blue Bulls coach is now the Bok coach he is considering coming out of retirement to play under him in the Bok setup..............hope not)
Staying with Rugby, this new is No Surprise whatsoever although I am a little upset that we won’t get the pleasure of giving this asshole carrots..............   Controversial New Zealand referee Bryce Lawrence will not travel to South Africa to officiate Super Rugby matches after he refereed the Springboks in their 11-9 Rugby World Cup quarter-final defeat against Australia.

South African rugby fans slammed Lawrence and blamed him for ending the Springboks reign as World Cup champions. Lawrence received threats over email and on Facebook and was heavily criticised by Springbok captain John Smit and former World Cup final referee Andre Watson. While Lawrence became public enemy No 1 in South Africa with rugby fans in SA, in New Zealand he won the NZRU Referee of the Year award for a fourth time. According to the Rugby Week website, Lawrence has been given his match schedule for the upcoming Super rugby series and Lawrence has revealed that he is not listed to control any games in South Africa.

Lawrence said that while he wanted to travel to South Africa to deal with the criticism and get that over and done with, he understands that SANZAR have left him off the list for South Africa as they do not want any distractions from their tournament.

Seems that these two cars had their number plates swopped at registration ???

Monday to Wednesday was not that interesting I presented SAMTRAC solo for the first time with nothing really interesting happening.

So it was AUSTRALIA DAY on Thursday and while the White Aussies were celebrating the original inhabitants who are called The Aboriginals were not as ecstatic about how Australia has panned out for them since the arrival of Pommie Prisoners all those years ago.  Always feel the Aussies (who were one of the biggest opponents of  Apartheid) themselves suppressed their own indigenous population by hunting them down, taking their children away to be “civilised” by giving the kids to White “Christian families” In those days White and Christian were seen as the same etc etc so I always laugh when I see the “Abbo’s” as they are called by the Aussie “Settlers” demonstrate and bemoan the fact that live in squalid conditions and are not subject to same favourable conditions as the Whites ...........................”Happy Australia day mate”

 Thursday was a busy day, the House and Home department at Greenacres caught fire and was burning till late on Thursday, the fire not only affected their store but 26 other stores in the Greenacres mall. With payday weekend here this weekend I can imagine the lost business that these businesses are experiencing due to either smoke or fire damage as well as lost sales due to that part of the  Mall being closed for clean up. The one shop that I hope has a “fire Sale” is Bargain books that is  right next door to House and Home.  

Perhaps the excitement  of Thursday was that I ended up in Emergency ward of Greenacres hospital (no I did not start of the fire or involved in any way). Got to work and from what I can gather opened the door (I was the first one their) and was found by Chantelle who  thought I was joking, to cut a long story short Ryan called Tania and then he and Theuns took me to the hospital were they did tests and hooked me up to an EKG machine etc etc. Seems my heart is strong like a Bull but I need to take care of my stress levels and eat healthier. I was booked off for two days and Ryan took over my SANTRAC class for Thursday and Friday.  as you can see they stuck on electrodes to do the EKG that really hurt when i oulled them off, sort of now know what waxing is all about (was worse than taking off an elastoplast).  
As always when you get a big scare you get a wakeup call and a new lease on life that wanes and disappears until the next wakeup call so having had this scare I thought about my Bucket list (that’s the list you want to do before you “Kick the Bucket”) so here are my top 10, in no particular order (Own a Harley Davidson, Ride a Harley on Route 66 in the USA with Tania, Hold My daughters first born, Parachute, have a best seller book, start a successful OHS business, Do a King Swing from Stormsriver bridge, Go to a F1 or Bike GP (any country will do), learn to surf properly, Go to Mozambique to see where Daniel Roxo lived) those are mine , what are yours ??????  

Those of you that know Solly Philander (SA coloured Comedian) know that he has bushy hair and a white patch on it, now those of you without Alzheimers will remember a short while back a South African Drug Mule was nabbed overseas for transporting Cocaine in her dreadlocks, the reason she was caught is because one of the customs  officials got suspicious seeing white powder (much like dandruff) in her hair. MR Philander must get stopped all the time, next time I see him I will ask.  

Looks like the fiasco of having 3 planes used to get Zuma to the US a week or so ago will not happen again (don’t believe them) I mean what other Frikken President of a county who flies  somewhere with 3 planes............WTF ? 10 million rand is the estimated cost to get him to the States, who decided this, must be great to b able to spend money like that when you didn’t Frikken earn it. What’s even worse is that they tried to deny the whole thing.................”Assholes”.

“While it took three jets, 16 pilots and at least 18 cabin crew members to get President  Jacob Zuma New York and back two weeks ago, this week he flew to Qatar, Switzerland and Ethiopia on a Single plane. There was no sign of the two shadow planes that were apparently needed to ensure that Zuma arrived on time in New York. According to conservative estimates, there were three pilots, one flight engineer and two cabin crew on Inkwazi - Zuma’s Boeing business jet - for the New York trip. A complete relief crew was sent on ahead to take over from the first crew.

The Airbus A340 that followed Inkwazi to Las Palmas in the Canary Islands had three pilots. Another three pilots and eight crew members were sent ahead to Las Palmas as relief crew. The Bombardier Global Express that followed Zuma and his party from New York, had four pilots and four crew cabin crew members. Now it appears the presidential business jet will function as it has over the last few years: alone, with a crew on duty and a relief crew”

Looks like the EP Kings have signed Earl “Michael Jackson” Rose to play for them this season, but hopefully the EP Kings may be playing the Sharks on 17 February as well as a couple of other warm up games prior to the Super 15 and the Vodacom Cup. There is also talk that midyear the Super 15 team Western Force will play some games against them as well.  

On Saturday Ryan helped me (actually he did most of the work) to build book shelves for the upstairs room that I will use for my military items and book work, must say they look great and Tania is happy that I don’t have boxes of books lying all over (the room was a mess). Late afternoon went for a swim at Sards and then just chilled.
Love this quote "South Africa is the only country in the world where affirmative action is in the favour of the majority who has complete political control. The fact that the political majority requires affirmative action to protect them against a 9% minority group is testament to a complete failure on their part to build their own wealth making structures, such that their only solution is to take it from others."
This is another headline that we may have seen before. “Army to run our hospitals” seems that hospitals don’t have enough Dr’s Sound familiar? Getting upset because your saying to yourself “surely we can’t let this continue” well before you pop a vein in the forehead the headlines comes from an Pommie Expat paper, yeah I know  the island is getting the army to take over its accident and emergency department because there are not enough Dr’s to do the jobs. Would seem that Dr’s earn less (working for the NHS) after 7 years of studying etc than someone who comes out of school does a Business management course and then goes out and gets a well paying job.    
Then I was watching a documentary on TV about Vigilante groups growing because that people have no faith left in the Police force who seem not to care about the local communities. So with confidence in the police being able to make a difference at a all time low with only 2 out of every 100 violent crimes being solved its no wonder that people are taking the law into their own hands...........Name of the documentary?  Vigilante Britain” –( Vigilante - Somebody who punishes lawbreakers personally rather than relying on the legal authorities). The UK has more people in Prison for violent crimes than all the Other European countries combined.
I am not a Manchester United fan so I always get excited when I see that they have been beaten, opened the news on the comp this morning and the first headline that caught my mind was this.....  A last-gasp goal from substitute Dirk Kuyt saw Liverpool snatch a 2-1 victory over Manchester United on Saturday as the Merseysiders booked their place in the last 16 of the FA Cup”.
This just in “The Free State health department is recalling over a million condoms delivered for the ANC's centenary celebrations, over concerns they may be sub-standard, City Press reported on Sunday”. So not only were there thousands of Pricks at the celebrations it would seem that thousands of Condoms had pricks in them”
Well that’s it for this  week, next week is week 2 of SAMTRAC, hopefully I won’t keel over next week and have to visit the emergency ward again.

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