Living a boring life

How boring a life do you have to lead when the excitement of the decade is the marriage of two rich and spoilt Muppets…….yes I am talking about the upcoming nuptials of Willy and Kate, seems the Island dwellers have got into the party spirit with 4000 streets (50 in London alone) In the UK asking permission form their local councils to have a party to celebrate this momentous occasion (ho hum) the fact that the UK is coming out of its annual ice age could also be a part of the population wanting to have a party. Doug was so happy that the mercury has hit 20 degrees in London a few days back and that summer is on the way......................Must be soul destroying to not see the sun for months on end and only see grey skies and in Summer while an improvement its not always much better. Sun recharges the soul and engergises the body.......................and now onto something completely different.

Both Julius Malema and Jacob Zuma where in PE this past week, with both obviously being on the election trail. Julius “ I am a twat” Malema told a large audience of ANC retarded youth that:

· The ANC had never lied (nice one Pinocchio)

· That if people voted for the ANC in the municipal elections that Nelson Mandela would get better

JZ did not fare much better as he had people throw stones and burn tires because he decided at the last minute to change the itinerary and people who had waited for hours for their free T shirts, caps , promises and chicken lunch did not in fact get to hear him talk shit. The sad thing is that many who are pissed off with the ANC will still vote for them.

In a local paper a 75 year old woman was complaining that she lived in a shack, had no electricity or water, had no job, sewage was pouring down her street and that she had no hope but she was still going to vote for the ANC……..You deserve to live In squalor then lady because you are an idiot and should not complain again that you have nothing after so many years of voting for the same party.

Its funny though when its election time we see that politicians beaming down from lampposts that we thought had died, but no they are still alive, when its election time we see Connie Mulder of the FF+ telling us how bad we have it as whitie’s and how he will ensure that we get a better deal. We have the ANC telling us that they have built better communities (tell that to the millions that still live in abject poverty) and JM says that the ANC have never lied…..”What a Muppet”

Port Elizabeth may be friendly may be windy, but it is not the place for late-night assignations or an illicit rendezvous. Politically, it’s usually just ignored. “Eastern Cape is ANC turf and don’t you forget it” is pretty much the message. But suddenly it’s being thrust into the political limelight. In the last week Helen Zille, Julius Malema and senior ANC people have visited the region. Cosatu’s Zwelinzima Vavi warned on Tuesday the city could fall from the ANC’s grasp come 18 May”. (Taken from the Daily maverick)

Last Sunday I rode the Triumph to East London, I have to say that there is probably no better feeling (Ok there is a better feeling) than riding a large Motorcycle at 100 and plenty along a coastal road. It was really a nice ride and always a good way to de-stress. East London however compared to PE is a dump, I am sooooooooooooo glad that I don’t live their and actually feel sorry for those that do.

I got back to PE on Tuesday and was in EL again on Thursday, this time with Xavier “a colleague of mine” who was doing a Construction workshop for Eskom, it rained all the way from PE to EL and we saw a lady that had been knocked over and killed near to EL, not a great way to start a day. I Enjoyed the trip with Xavier who is very good at training so I learnt a lot

While in East London this week I was watching the latest American Idol…………. We don’t have M-Net at home, but I digress. Steve Tyler (Aerosmith and Liv Tyler’s dad) is one of the judges and if that dude is not gay then I am Muammar Gaddafi.

Talking about musicians Neil Diamond graced South African and in particular Port Elizabeth shores, on Saturday night, the Posters said "Neil Diamond Live" they should have added "could be for the last time". The show was according to those that were there was awesome. amazing how all these old singers or bands who have never toured SA before are starting to come here for the "last big pay day" perhaps?

Gabby has been on a short school holiday and has been very very busy staying with friends, learning to surf and being a 14 year old who if she is lucky will turn 15 this year. Gabby gets her report on Monday and hopefully it will be a good one.

It’s nice though to see Gabby horse riding and doing outdoors stuff, because so many kids today are slaves to the TV and just sit transfixed watching the idiot box or playing games like X box or Nintendo WI for hours on end. Not that I am saying they should not do those things, because everything in small doses is good, but when you have the space (especially in SA) to play outside surely you don’t want your kids sitting in the house all day. With Mixit, MMSing, BBMing etc 3 people can sit in the back of a car and two of them can be talking kak about the other person. a new language is popping up and kids actually Mixit each other while standing next to each other, who knows in another 100 years children may be born with no vocal cords as they don’t need them anymore…..don’t laugh many things that are taken fro granted today 25 years ago were thought to be science fiction or not possible.

Other news in the world:

For Japan as Tom cruise said in a few good men “And the hits just keep on coming” Emergency services in Japan said three people had died as a result of yesterday's powerful earthquake there, with around a hundred more injured. New water leaks were discovered at the Onagawa nuclear power plant in the Miyagi Prefecture after the quake, which has been shut down since the March earthquake, but radiation levels outside the plant have so far measured well within the normal range. Besides a temporary evacuation, ongoing attempts to stabilise the Fukushima nuclear power station were not affected by the latest quake.

United Nations climate talks end in Thailand on Friday, with the very real possibility that no agreement will be reached on what had seemed a simple matter: laying out an agenda for future meetings, including the big summit in Durban towards the end of the year. That could make this year interesting, if not very productive, when it comes to emission cuts.

Sports this week saw the Cheetahs take the Highlanders to the wire with a 21-24 loss, the Bulls got a 27-0 hiding from the Crusaders, the Sharks clubbed the Lions 27-3 and the Stormers had no answer against the Reds and lost 19-6….Not a great week for SA rugby sides. At least the EP kings beat the Griquas 26-16 in a Vodacom cup game on Saturday.

In PE its Iron man weekend, for me it means watching the actual movie, but for thousands of others it means a 4km swim, 180 km bike ride (pedal power) and a 42 km run and all in 12 hours, my question is why do people put themselves through that as it takes months of hard work and preparation to get to any sort of fitness levels that wont see you dying on the actual route. Weather is hot so don’t envy those competing today. yesterday put in an hours practice on the couch J

To end for this week, I just want to say to my wife Tania who on Tuesday the 12th will have endured 25 years of marriage to yours truly. I know that I always joke about being married, but I have to say that Tania has made my life complete and that she is definitely the reason I have what I have today. “I love you Tania ,always have and always will". xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Well that’s it for this week



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