The Easter Bunny or the Talibunny

Seems that some of you more astute readers figured out that last Sunday I did not publish a Blog………..”Sowwwy”. I have an excuse I was sick. On Saturday I fell asleep at 4pm and woke up on Sunday 8am, sixteen hours of sleep. Sunday and Monday not feeling lekker, but feel much better now, “thanks for asking”

Reason Blog is out today is because I will be away this weekend, going to Kirkwood, which I about 75 kms from PE. Going to be camping at Tania’s church Easter camp. Hopefully will be fun………………..will let you know

Last Tuesday was our 25th Anniversary and thanks to my folks was able to take Tania and Gabby to Dinner (we had meat………… feel strong again), also got a very nice silver photo frame from the folks as well as one from Kirsten and Ryan.

Work is Ok, enjoy the job, but still not happy with the salary, Hopefully though by year end there will be some relief, hope so because not being able to cover expenses from a salary really SUCKS, but we shall see what happens. Sometimes to be honest think the focus is on those that already earn good salaries, but hey that’s just my opinion. Plans for the future definitely need to be made, but still need to do some hard work to get there…………………………………………………... “Watch this space”

I have already spoken about Municipal election posters in other Blogs, but the ACDP poster is really baffling. It says “Let’s fix it” my question is Fix what? “The lamppost that it’s attached to”? My vote will go to the DA as they have the best track record, after all its about Competence and not Colour. If you had of told me in the early 90’s that I would be voting for the left wing, commie sypathysing liberals I would have laughed at you……………..How the wheel turns

NOSA offices have the last month been collecting Easter Eggs for children’s homes, NOSA PE nominated MTR Smit children’s Haven and we dropped off the Eggs (1000 Marshmallow eggs, 6 big bags chocolates, so packets small eggs and about 7 other assorted eggs), as well as a big box of soft toys and some clothes.

NOSA also won Pizzas, this week as we had to send in photos from our NOSA 60th birthday office party and the PE office won, so yesterday (Thursday) we had Piza and beer just before we left for the Easter weekend and then a few of us went to play our regular Thursday pool games.

Have to say that if you need a sobering experience as well as a reality check go visit a children’s home. All your shit seems to pale in comparison to kids that don’t have the luxury of living in a normal home environment, the delight in the eyes of the group of children that we presented the eggs and toys to, was a reminder about how we take the small things for granted and that family is important.

This week Amber (my Niece) turned 2, she live in London so we where not able to celebrate with her, but she (from the photos) had an awesome day with her family that do live in the UK. Hopefully one day we will be able to celebrate with her as well, probably the only way that will happen though is for us to win the Lotto and fly to the island. I know that Doug and Nicole plan to return to SA one day, but I think that will be a long time coming (if ever). The reason I say that is not to be nasty or cause kak (as they say in the classics,) but from experience, my folks came out to SA for 3 years and decided to stay a couple more before we returned to the UK….guess what we are still here. I think that the longer you stay in a country the more settled and assimilated you become and probably feel like you belong, that’s not a bad thing . We all must make he decision where we feel at home, many Poms moved to SA and feel at home here and many Saffers have moved to England and feel at home there.

Doug and Nicole have worked hard to get where they are and have lots of family support in London as well as the rest of the UK , so after 4, 5 ,6 etc years it would probably be difficult to pack up and leave as you have a life… be honest I hope that I am wrong as I know Tania would love to have her sister and Niece closer, but that’s not our decision to make as long as they know whatever decision they make a) we will still love them b) I will still give them grief about living on an island (“only joking Doug……………well maybe a little”)

Today (Friday 22nd April 2011) is Tania’s dads birthday…..Happy Birthday dad have a great day and an awesome year. Dad is going to England in May/June to visit Nicole, Doug and Amber and also fly over to Canada to see his sister (who he has not seen for many years).

Today was also Clarens’s first frost (22/4/2011)

This week got my camera back so after about 2 months of taking photo’s with my Cell phone I am looking forward to bore you as well as my Facebook mates with my photos. I will take some in Kirkwood this weekend, so hopefully its got old houses, nice scenery or even weird looking people, etc that I can photograph.

Gabby is going to be competing in a Horse endurance race in July at Jeffery’s bay (surfers paradise…….about 70kms from PE), sure that she will do well.

Have to laugh the one magazine in Clarens (the stippled edible green pod), is going electronic, but don’t Clarens already have a good electronic magazine already ? yes its called Clarens Mag, owned and run by good friends and “awesome lekker, could not want to meet nicer people” Paul and Dianne. I suppose its flattering to be copied. When we left Clarens we entrusted Paul and Dianne to carry on with the Clarens Connection and we could not have chosen better people, not only have they kept the community concept (with no bitching and moaning as in the other online newsletter) but have grown it, so what used to be a 1947 Volkswagen is now a 2011 Lamborghini . “Thanks guys really appreciate all the hard work”.

This is a sign on the gents toilet at one of my clients that I do training for, just had to take the photo and share it with you all

Before I go I have to say this just in case you have missed the TV adverts, media adverts, giant billboards, flyers, radio slots, Blimps, posters, bumper stickers and change to company signage ………………………..“Vodacom is red”. “Ok I think I have it, can you leave it the F%$k alone now……..PLEASE”

Well got to go, so here is wishing all my family and friends (many to far away) as well as all your family and friends a Blessed Easter and those that are fortunate to be off (enjoy the rest) and those that are not (thanks for keeping the economy going).



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