Shaik, Rattle and Parole

Shabir “It’s a miracle” Shaik released from jail 2 years due to him being on deaths door (he supposedly had a terminal illness) is back at it again……………..Its a miracle he is so sick that he can play Golf, assault a journalist and will probably get away with it. he was Jacob Zuma’s former financial adviser (just goes to show its not what you know but who you know). Wonder if he will face charges or it will all blow over…….probably the latter.

Gaddafi is now using Turag mercenaries against his people, I have to ask the question how stable will Libya be after he has been overthrown (although reports say that he is in control of 90% of the country after intense fighting) …… I still believe that he will be overthrown its just a question of how many people he will kill and how much damage he will do to his economy. The bad news is that he wants to come and live in SA when he is kicked out of Libya………So you me and other selected tax payers can keep him in the luxury he is accustomed to. There has been condemnation (and rightly so that Gaddafi is using the air force to bomb the rebels into submission). This reminded me that in 1922 during the miners strike in JHB Jan Smuts used the air force to bomb and strafe the miners and the army to suppress the strikers). Apparently JZ in a phone call gave Gaddafi a piece of his mind (hope it didn’t hurt JZ) JZ has apparently also frozen all of Gaddafi’s assets in SA which probably means that JZ is keeping the money in his deep freeze until the nutcase comes to live here.

JZ fell short of offering MG South African troops to assist which is a good thing if u consider this article on the state of readiness of the SA defence force. ………”State” being the operative word.

William Saunderson-Meyer "Jaundiced Eye" Weekend Argus March 5, 2011

The South African National Defence Force should more accurately be named the SA National Defunct Force. After all, it has soldiers that it cannot deploy, ships that it cannot sail, and aircraft that it cannot fly. So let's not get too excited about the news that the navy is dispatching a force off Madagascar to guard against plundering Somali pirates. The battle-tested pirates are probably licking their lips at the prospect of adding a nice, new shiny frigate to their growing fleet of hijacked vessels.

The SA military, once hated but nevertheless feared, is now merely derided for its incompetence and ill discipline. An SA Army that once held off the "rooi gevaar" in Angola now mostly blunders about with its trousers around its ankles - old, fat, diseased, unfit and hard of hearing. South Africa has the oldest infantry troops in the world. In 2005 the SANDF reported that 23 percent were HIV-positive and that deafness and clinical obesity each claimed another quarter of the army muster. Last year the SANDF told a parliamentary committee that "no humane exit mechanism” could be found to get rid of these troops. That left the military in a position where it has troops but cannot use them. Still, hell, it all helps with the unemployment statistics.

HIV infection in the army has been estimated to be as high as 40 percent, but no one knows for sure. Snippy Defence & Military Veterans Minister, Lindiwe Sisulu, said recently that she would no more oblige soldiers to divulge their HIV status than she would ask DA shadow minister, David Maynier, who posed the question, how many of his own family were infected. What one does know is that the army cannot account for 82,000 weapons, almost 20 percent of its armoury, and that employing these absent-minded lard-arses soaks up some 60 percent of the army and navy budgets. One of the three new R1.6 billion submarines, the SAS Manthatisi, is already out of action. A sailor plugged it into the wrong dock power point, frying its circuits. The Manthatisi was damaged further when it hit the quay and it is unsurprisingly taking an early overhaul, which means it won't be operational before 2013.

This all happened in safe harbour. One can only imagine what hurt these guys could inflict on themselves in open waters. The most cost-effective option might be to pump the subs full of helium and deploy them as barrage balloons around Parliament. Then there is the SA Air Force which, like the navy and the army, suffers from severe under funding, so has been unable for years to meet its strategic objectives for air combat capability, transport and maritime surveillance. Simply put, it doesn't have enough flyers - fewer than half of those needed for the 25 Gripen it is getting from Sweden.

And even if it did, the SAAF lacks the maintenance skills to keep the planes in the air. And, even if it had the skills, it doesn't have the budget for the requisite flying hours. So, instead of burning fuel, vastly increased use is being made of flight simulators as an alternative. That is great news if the SAAF's next air war can be arranged with the enemy to take place at a downtown Pretoria video arcade. This disturbing picture of the SANDF's capacity to protect the country's borders is understated.Since the overweeningly arrogant Sisulu has become minister, the trend has been to hide as many as possible of the SANDF's failings behind the catch-all cover of "national security". Ah well, at least the pirates will find Durban more salubrious than Mogadishu as a base.

Julius “what a twat” Malema the ANC “Yoot” leader is at it again telling the ignorant and uneducated “Yoot” that hang onto his every word to have many many babies and that his youth league want 60% of Anglo American. That’s just great JM as if we don’t have enough people in SA as it is and aids is not a problem. To prevent the revolution from losing steam, Malema urged a full hall in the Ehlanzeni District Municipality building to have as many babies as possible. “Having babies is a revolutionary thing. You must reproduce! If you shame a black man about his large family, you should immediately change your ­attitude.”

SA has been downgraded as a country that investors would put there R into mining as it is and then this waste of skin comes up with that gem. You have to work for things my friend you and the “Yoot” of today feel that you are entitled to BMW’s fancy houses and good salaries just because a) your black) b) your Frikken stooped and c) you feel that you are owed.

By the way JM as far as I know a “Yoot“ becomes an adult when they turn 18 -20 so how can a 30 year old be a “Yoot” leader? Unless of course you have the mental capabilities of a 12 year old. When are the ANC going to silence this asshole is the question I want to ask. Remarks from JM as well as others in the ANC show that their much vaunted policy of non racialism is crap. Trevor Manuel was a liberation stalwart but now he challenges the ANC on its comments about coloureds he is a gangster and JM speaks about white men and their businesses An uprising is coming to South Africa, and the uprising won’t be against the ANC,” he said to screaming and cheering members of the ANCYL .“The uprising will target white men and white monopolies,” he warned. “It won’t be aimed at white women.”

Had about 15mm of rain this week, for this part of the world that’s like a monsoon what was great about the one storm this week was the lightening storm we had (a rare occurrence for the coast and PE in particular). Tania and I stood out on the bedroom balcony……..yes we are half Larney as we have a balcony off our bedroom. Anyway the show was great the lightning was coming down going sideways and even doing loop de loops. It reminded us of Clarens.

On Friday Ryan and I and the other Ryan from America (who has never seen a rugby game in his life, can you imagine that) went to watch the EP Kings play the Puma’s at the NMDB stadium, was not that many fans but was a good game, especially with Ryan and I in full cry against the PUMA players who played in all pink…….Yes you read correct all pink (and they don’t even have any French players on their team) EP kings won 23-8. a great atmosphere at the stadium and hopefully this year it will host the IRB rugby 7’s (An event that I have always wanted to attend) Seems the Kings have been fined and docked all the log points that they have earned in the Vodacom cup so far this year due to them fielding ineligible players (hopefully this is overturned)

Other sports this week is that Bangladesh beat England on Friday (which just makes the loss against them even harder to swallow) We at least won the game against India, was touch and go there for a while. Sehwag and Tendulkar put our bowling to the sword and India were 108 for 0 after 10 overs. Must say I thought 450 score was on the cards for India but they lost their last 9 wickets for only 29 runs (267 for 1 to 296 all out) thanks to Steyn who went from 46 or 0 after 6 overs to 50 for 5. Smith as usual played a captains innings, giving his wicket away cheaply, cant wait for him to not be the captain of the 1 day squad and for Johan Botha (EP boy) to take over.

Rugby: Sharks beat the Rebels (34-32) . The Stormers beat the Highlanders ( 18 - 6 ) but have as yet only scored one try in their 3 games , this must be worrying not only for the Stormers but also the Boks as Habana, de Jong, de Villers and Fourie play for both teams. The lions played the Cheetahs and having not won a game in the last 17 played managed to win 25/20 this means the Cheetahs as yet have not had a win in the super 15 and have the same points as a Samoosa 3(think the Cheetahs are waiting for their bye because then at least they will be guaranteed 4 points). It’s the first time the Lions have won in 23 months since beating the highlanders in 2009. They must be happy, have to be honest though they have been unlucky against the Bulls and Stormers , games they should have won.

Obviously the news of the week is the 8.9 magnitude earthquake (biggest ever recorded) off the coast of in Japan on Friday morning and the subsequent Tsunami. Watching it on TV was surreal; to think what looked like chip packets and coke cans were in fact houses, cars, boats and even aeroplanes. Now a nuclear power station is in melt down with explosions and smoke pouring out of the area the reactor is housed……….Not good news for those living any where in the immediate surrounds. 4 trains are missing and while the death toll is still light at the moment it will climb over the next few days as 10 000 people are missing in one area alone. Seems that the Japanese are going to be pouring sea water into the reactor to cool it down and 50 000 soldiers as well as support personnel have been mobilised to help with the disaster. While the earthquake and Tsunami are not great at least Japan is able to deal with the situation…….If you can come out of the Second World War and become one of the most developed nations on earth then they will be able to deal with this disaster. Latest is that 1690 people are being treated or radiation and 170 000 people have been evacuated from the area of the power station….this has been put down as the 3rd worst nuclear power station disaster after 3 mile island in 1975 and Chernobyl in 1987. “Wacth this space”.

Tania found a website I thought you might like, that give good news about SA and not just the bad .

Well that’s it for this week, hope that you have a great week ahead, I have a week of training, so that’s great, always good to be productive and I really love the interaction between the students and myself.



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