Lost their nerve and faltered

Or as they say in the classics …………“They choked”. On behalf of myself and millions of other South Africans I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Graham Smith and his band of merry men for once again disappointing the many cricket supporters who thought that this time we had the team and the temperament to actually take us to the final of the CWC ……….”At the very least”. I suppose we also need to say thanks for F%%$#@%ing up another weekend as well. The Proteas much like the ANC are full of promises but don’t deliver. We have participated in 6 CWC tournaments reaching the semi’s three times the quarters twice and in 2003 on home soil we did not even get past the knockout stages thanks to Shawn Pollock getting the Duckworth Lewis system wrong. Someone need to tell the Proteas that you dot get bonus points for being the top of the round robin stages.

I wonder if Gary Kirsten will be considered as the coach of SA seeing that he has done so well for India and perhaps we could use the services of Allan Donald who is at present the bowling coach for New Zealand and while we are at it we can rpe in Jonty Rhodes, but hey what do I know I am just that poor sod that has to watch them lose the whole time and still get kakked on by other supporters who believe that we need to support the “boys” because it was not their time, or some other excuse that makes them feel better. I have heard many but here are a few that are usually bandied about. The Weather was a bit to hot for them, the pitch did not suit our style of bowling, The pitch did not suit or style of batting, the grounds did not suit or fielding style, van Wyk took a sleeping tablet, Smith owes us a good innings, it was such an unfortunate dismissal………………. etc etc

Don’t they realise how a winning team makes us have a happier week, the country is upbeat, if we had of won the CWC we would not have cared that the petrol price will again rise early next month or that inflation is rising. “Round one to the New Zealanders” Lets hope that our rugby players show better BMT than their supposed counterparts when they play at the RWC later this year but you can be assured that the New Zealand press will use this against the Boks to try and play with their minds.

News this week is that Gabby had a trip in an ambulance whole attached to a backboard and neck brace after having ridden into a tree on her horse. Not the greatest of news to receive when you are riding a scooter thru peak hour traffic on the way home. The Good news is that she is fine and will survive to ride another day. I was worried though because 2 weeks prior to her accident a well known rider in the area died while practising her show jumping and landed bad, she hit her head a died 2 days later.

I see the Government re-naming prisons and they want the public to assist with that, but we need to remember hat only names of those who fought in the struggle will be considered here are my suggestions as to who we can re-name prisons after: Shabir Shaik, Chippy Shaik, Julius Malema or the Magoo bomber Mcbide. Or perhaps they can just move the municipality offices into the prisons as it seems that most of the people in local government are in it for themselves with a “screw the taxpayer” attitude. What is funny is they say that the re-naming of some 30 prisons will not cost the taxpayer money……So who is paying for the prizes that you are giving for each prison re-named as well as the changes of road signs etc etc ………..”The Frikken tooth fairy” ??

I am getting really frustrated at work and don’t feel I am actually moving forward, maybe I am just being impatient but feel that I am treading water. The office is growing which is good, but I don’t feel that I am being used to the best of my abilities or that I am growing with the business. Certain people get to travel, others get to present courses that I feel I am more than capable of presenting so I am getting frustrated and bored. I need to be challenged to get the best out of me otherwise I tend to just plod along and that’s not what I want with this type of work.

Other sports results this weekend:

The EP kings lost to the Lions 11-10 and the Cheetahs s lost 41 – 8 (not great results for myself) The Stormers beat the Western Force51- 16 and the Blue Bulls beat the Lions 30-23 in a great game that saw the Bulls inning again after losing their last 2 games. The 7’s team was knocked out of the Q/finals by Fiji with the Aussie Ref apparently not seeing a knock-on. In the first GP of the year Vettel won, Hamilton second and the first Russian to ever get a podium in Formula 1 (Petrov driving for Renault) was third….Ferrari with Alonso behind the wheel was fourth.

The Sharks play the Crusaders today at Twikenham and my brother in law Doug is really excited as he is going to watch the game, sure he will have a great day and to say you have seen the Sharks play at Twikenham (one of the great stadiums of the world) is also nice, from all accounts the game is sold out and for the Sharks it will be like a home game. The game should be a stonker as both teams are good and want to win this match very badly.

I am busy reading a great book by Bill Bryson called At Home “a short history of private life” its about the history of the home and why we call certain rooms what we do etc etc,……………….”Brilliant”

Well that’s about it for this week, my predictions for who plays the Finals of the CWC is that Sri Lanka will play Pakistan and win.

I leave you with this quote : “The road to success is always under construction

Have a great week



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