Switch off the engines

Used to be a joke that did the rounds in the early 80’s that went something like this

Q: What’s the difference between a Boeing 747 and an ex – Rhodesian
A: The Boeing stops whining when it gets to the airport and switches of its engines

Rhodesians were flocking into SA from Zimbabwe as they did not want to live under black rule and we called them “When We’s” because the conversation always started “When we……..”. Funny to think that ex pat South Africans now hold the mantle of the “When we” “When we lived in SA…………” “When we ran the country…………….”.

Whenever I read one of the Blog’s that we get on news 24 from an ex South African , I get the impression that they are writing it while drinking as they always seem to start happy with what’s so great about their new homeland, then it goes on to the Dronkverdriet stage of why they would love to come back to SA and they miss the Sun, Highveld thunderstorms, Mrs Balls Chutney and Aromat and then it goes on to the we told you so stage and what s going to happen to the rest of us poor sods that are left to the mercy of the Black hordes that rule the country.

I Live in Port Elizabeth, yesterday we enjoyed a day at the beach in that glorious SA sun and did we get harassed, did we get mugged………..NO. Last night I left my car unlocked and windows down in the driveway and to my horror when I woke up this morning it was still there, yes can you believe it “Still there” but how can this be? The “When we’s” say that cars get stolen all the time with impunity. Today I took my daughter on the scooter and spent the day together exploring the city old and new parts taking photos walking the streets, you know what I saw? Citizens of PE getting on, I did not once feel threatened or unsafe. “When We’s” would have been horrified to see in the city centre, that old and young ladies (single and white) walk in predominantly black parts of the business district, without a care in the world. How can this be do the “When We’s” not tell us that they left because they could not walk the streets and if they did they would get murdered and raped.

I am not naïve and know that there are many challenges that this country faces and that crime is a problem. My dad had a gun put against his head and the gun misfired, was he scared…………Yes, did he run…No. Sometimes you got to harden the F%$k up.

You can mock this Blog, you can call me names you can tear me to pieces for living in La La land , “I don’t give a shit”. I love this country and I am here to make it work for everyone, not just one skin colour (as it was in the past). I am not going to run away because some bitter and twisted ex pat says I have to. Enjoy what you have in your new found Shangri-La (Freezing temperatures and bomb threats in London, cannot be good) Leave me to enjoy South Africa and the many positives that it holds.

And remember “Africa is not for sissies”

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