Hay Ho Hay Ho its off to a wedding we go

The more astute (and they say I am no wordsmith) of my 11 regular readers will have realised that last Sunday my Blog did not appear, the reason being is that we were on the way back from Gauteng having attended the wedding of my Niece Christine and her new husband Craig. Tania, Gabby and I also got to be with my dad on his birthday, so all in all a pretty cool weekend.

The flight up was a tad scary as the wind was pumping in PE (very unusual not) in fact the plane was rocking from side to side on the runway. There was turbulence aplenty on the flight to Oliver Tambo…but we made it safely.

As I have mentioned it was my dads birthday and Christine’s wedding on Saturday the grooms family gave my dad hay bales as a present (private joke). Dad was really happy to have the whole family with him as well as getting the opportunity to see how fit he was by humping the bales to the area wedding was taking place in a park in Pretoria.

The wedding was very nice; Christine looked beautiful and got me thinking that one day Gabby will also marry and that I will be the proud dad to lead her down the aisle. After the photos and ceremony it was to the restaurant with dad getting us lost (even with a GPS, however that’s another story) but we eventually got there and had a great time. Sunday was rest, have brunch, Gabby went for a ride and before we knew it, it was time to fly home………”To a windy PE I may add”. It was awesome to spend the weekend with the family and share special moments.

Missed the Boks vs Baba’s game, as I was in a park at a wedding but watched the highlights later, to be honest was not really fazed that we lost, we showed against the Poms that if we play to our strengths and stick to a game plan we can do well in the World Cup next year, so don’t write the Boks off just yet.

See the Poms gave the Aussies a hiding in the second cricket test beat them by an innings and 71 runs, people are calling for Shane “fat boy” Warne to come out of retirement and help the team win. He says he wont but he has got an ego the size of an elephant so I am predicting that he will decide to do it, also a huge wad of cash will be accepted as to save the countries embarrassment does come with a price, appealing to most peoples patriotism and love for their country will only get you so far….the clincher is usually the cash incentive.

We usually pack light when we go away and trip to family was no exception, however when you see a lone packet of Woolworths chips come around the luggage carousel then you have to wonder W.T.F ?

Gabby passed grade 8 (std 6) and next year heads to grade 9 (std 7) is having a short Xmas /summer holiday has been off school since 26th November and goes back to school on the 18th January 2011. Well done my angel for passing std 6 just 4 more years to go and then its “I owe I owe I owe its off to work I go”

Surprise surprise they have arrested Shrien Devani for having his new bride Anni murdered….or has he? Reports differ from he was arrested to he was granted bail to he was not granted bail, now he is apparently gay (what’s that got to do with anything?) and now he is getting bereavement counselling over death of his wife (that he caused, is that not F%$#@ed up or what?)

I was always suspicious that this murder had been a hit and that hubby was involved, wonder if he will go to jail in UK (country club) or serve his time in SA with the 47 gang that will show him how small holes can quickly become enlarged…….Welcome to SA Shrien “Bubba is waiting”.

Perhaps we can start a new niche tourism market, I mean murder dinners where very popular back in the day, so why not come see the big five then have your spouse murdered. The travel agency will be situated in Pollsmoor prison and you can choose from a range of packages such as 3 days in the Kruger, a tour of Soweto, Kimberly’s big hole, drive down to the west coast and along the garden route, visit wine farms and then have your spouse killed. I can see the brochure and TV advertising now “Come to SA see the big 5, experience adrenalin pumping adventure activities, drink our fine wines , meet the people and have your spouse done in” (for an extra fee of course, “batteries sold separately”)

Doug, Nici and Amber left here on Thursday, back to Gauteng for two days and fly back out to London, should be home by late Sunday afternoon/early evening. Was nice having them here, the circumstances were not ideal but we made the best of the situation. Amber is really cut and so well behaved, does what mom and dad tell her. Actually miss hearing her chase the cat around saying Kitty Kitty, but I am sure mischief was pleased that she was gone. Got to see if Doug could remember how to braai, was not to bad.

While Port Elizabeth has been great for the Dunkley clan, our cats have not fared as well, on Friday we had to have Pepper put to sleep due to a long illness. Curly girl, Pepsi or Pepperoni as she was also known will be missed. Doug and Nici took her to the vet for us (Pepper was their cat before they emigrated to the UK.) I don’t know whether a as a guy your not supposed to get emotional over the death of a pet but I seem to take the death of a pet harder than people. I was unable to be with Pepper before she was put to sleep to say good bye and thanks for her friendship….My Curly girl Rest in peace Pepper, have fun chasing all the mice and seeing your brother Snowball in kitty heaven

Did training at the harbour this week, the one lunch break I took the opportunity to climb the Campanile, a clock tower built to commemorate the landing of the settlers in 1820 close to where its situated. 204 steps on a spiral staircase is harder than it sounds, the fact it has no windows does not allow you to know where you are , so somewhere between top and bottom where my legs where aching, my head was spinning from walking in a clockwise direction and I thought I was going to cough up a lung I had to decide carry on or go back, I carried on and must say the view from the top was nice but not as nice as the view from the top of the lighthouse on Donkin reserve .

Seems that Prince Charles and Camilla’s car attacked was by students who are upset with the establishment hiking up varsity fees and it would seem royalty and their privileged position. The car was dented and had paint thrown at it…to be honest I am shocked and stunned that British subject would do such a thing. “Its just not cricket old chap”. I have a theory that somehow the British press will be able to blame SA for this, how you ask well with London almost having as many South African living in it as South Africa it could be suggested that those “used to be South Africans but cant wait to get a worthless British passport” have exported their toy toying destructive attitude so fond of Julius “what a doos” Malema and the ANC youth league.

How strange is this a South African who fled SA to the Shangri-La of Australia due to crime and him not feeling safe anymore was shot dead by a sniper while walking on a beach in that country….just goes to show you that crime and nut jobs are everywhere.

On Thursday I was interviewed by radio Namaqua (with a listnership of 13) about my book “The Clarens Chronicles” as well as Clarens itself, I was on air for about 15 minutes and some of my friends and their businesses got fee plugs. Hardest part was having to do the interview in Afrikaans, but I muddled through.

Gabby is still riding and is really enjoying where she is now getting her lessons, Kiara the lady that runs the school is also very happy with Gabby and has helped gabby improve lots over the last couple of months. Gabby is a natural horsewoman and will always have a love of horses, not just a passing fad for Gabby thats for sure. maybe oneday she will be able to own her own horse.

On Friday we had a tour of SAB and then a beer tasting, was very interesting, this SAB do quarts only (Castle, Hansa, Black label and Milk Stout) and produce 1000 000 bottles a month. The gent that gave us the tour and the beer tasting had been in Cape Town a couple of weeks back and had been to a Beer crafters fair, he had tasted Clarens Brewery beer and said it was pretty awesome……The man has taste.

Keith has kept himself busy the last couple of weeks and has even joined SAMREC the local SA marine rehabilitation centre so now Keith is an honorary penguin. Dad also according to Gabby’s boyfriend now has his own “man cave” just what you need at 71 eh dad.

Went to the Boss’s house to have a Braai on Saturday afternoon and was happily surprised to see Josie an old work colleague had flown down from Gauteng for a couple of days. Josie was the lady who ran the accounts at the office and when her husband transferred to Gauteng unfortunately Josie had to go as well. Was always fun in the office with Josie around. Welcome home Josie, even if it is only for a day or two

As from today (Sunday 12) there is 13 days left to Xmas day and I have 3 working days left before I am on Xmas holidays. That is just so awesome. I go back to work on the 10th of January.

Have not heard any more news regards the baby boom in Clarens, for which I was taken to task for by selected Clarens residents and branded a retard a few weeks back. (Some may remember my Retard Blog). I will need to contact one of my many, many many, many mates and find out what is happening regards that score. Not sure if Clarens has sorted out their water yet, but they have had serious problems with the water quality in the village….Not great for a Tourism village. I do know another friend is very happy with the outcome of a litigation process that has been dragging on for a while, so well done friend happy for you. Here in PE the water levels in the dams is a combined 32% last year when we arrived in PE (4th December) the dam levels where 46.5% (a difference of -14.5 % in a year). We need good rains and soon.

Hey Jeanelle get better soon, sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, thinking of you and know that you will be back to your old self soon (remember the Dunkley family are thinking of you)

Well that’s about it for this week
I will leave you with this gem
What are the three fastest means of communication?
1) Television
2) Telephone
3) Telawoman



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