Have just returned from the pub to watch the Scots beat the Boks 21-17 and I do not know what or who I am more angry about

1) Lack of game plan
2) Crap decision making by supposedly good players
3) Crap captaincy
4) Crap coaching
5) Crap refereeing
6) Crap fans

Crap fans win hands down, I now believe that I have found someone else to hate more than the “Proud to be a South African but not enough to actually live in SA” and that is the “I am South African but shout for any other team that players South Africa, especially the Springboks”. Had a guy at the pub shouting for the Scots, clearly South African …………………………….

Sorry ladies and gents but I cant finish the Blog this week, this due to Tania’s mom unexpectedly passing away in the early hours of this morning (Sunday 21st). It was/is a great shock to all of her family and friends and I have always been fortunate to have two moms and dads as I have always considered Lois and Keith to be parents as well (we got of to a rocky start but my charm prevailed).

Due to pressures of the job, laziness or tomorrow is another day syndrome, I have not seen Lois for a few weeks and for this I am sorry, it has however made me even more conscious of the fact that we need to tell those close to us on a regular basis that we love them and that they mean something in our lives.

So Mom, sorry that you are gone, I never got to say thank you for allowing me to Marry the best woman in the world, thank you for bringing her up the way you did and for the love that you have always shown us over the years. I am happy that for the last year Tania and yourself had the opportunity to see each other on a regular basis and that you got to see Gabriella grow up for a year of her life. Your Grandchildren will surely miss you, but you will forever hold a special place in their hearts.

Rest in peace mom and know that when the time is right you will see the loved ones you have left behind again.


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