Red headed stepchild


This week was a strange one for Clarens with a murder of long time resident Mrs Lombard and the deaths’, “natural causes” of 3 other residents, however the circle of life ensures that those friends taken away are replaced by new ones and one such new family that have just arrived are our Good friends Kathleen and Marks family, Ryan, Lisa and Mitchell. They arrived on Monday in the rain and it has rained ever since, “does that tell you something Ryan”. I must say Ryan is not what I expected, but after only a week, think he is going to be, along with Lisa and Mitchell an asset to the village. Ryan has been busy this week assisting getting the tunnel up and running. This is a project that Tania and I, Mark and Kathleen and no Ryan and Lisa are involved with, it’s a 30m x 12 tunnel and we are going to make a fortune growing and selling organic herbs and vegetables J “Go Tunnel Vision”

Ryan has read hair (that he has just shaved off) and a small goatee with a personality to match (very ZZ Top like) and I am sure he was always the one at school getting in to trouble, so his nick name is Red headed stepchild, which comes from some redneck movie where the father tells the son that if he does not do his chores “ I will beat you like a Red headed stepchild” “Welcome to the village guys and thanks for all the assistance so far Ryan, its much appreciated”

Gabby’s leg is to our relief getting much better, I never knew a spider bite could get so bad, hopefully the hole will be filled in soon and then we can concentrate in getting the skin to cover it..

My Folks came to visit this weekend, which was awesome and we had a Lekker “Val in die tuin” Braai on Saturday night along with Kathleen, Mark, Ryan, Lisa and Mitchell, surprise surprise no rain. I also gave my dad a lift to the Street Caffe on the bike (a first for me)

Sunday was spent having breakfast with the folks and doing a little business, tomorrow is the Street Caffe’s last day under the management of Allan and Mac, so we are expecting a BIG PARTY.

Have a great week

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