Ek Stem Nee

Ek Stem Nee

So the 27 year old teacher, “wonder who he is going to vote for” Mr. Willem Richter who works in the UK has succeeded via the Freedom Front “whom he asked to represent him” to have the High court rule that South Africans overseas may vote in the 2009 General elections. Now I believe set for 22nd of April. In the past only certain categories of South Africans such as civil servants, students on study leave, people on business trips or holiday as well as soldiers on peacekeeping missions where allowed to have a special vote.

If I was not already upset with the “We love South Africa, but not enough to live in the country” brigade, this has now just sent me over the top. In the Star newspaper one of the paragraphs in the article about this states “ Richter, a South African, felt so strong about voting in the upcoming election that he decided to turn to the court. He said certain provisions of the Electoral act unfairly discriminated against ordinary South African Citizens working abroad” “Mr Richter if you feel so strongly about voting, then come and vote in South Africa”

I find it incredulous that ex pats living in foreign climes, earning there living and contributing to that countries economy can even think about wanting to vote in South Africa. If you call your self a ex-pat: ex meaning “something that has been” and patriot “someone that loves their country and is willing to defend it” then this means you used to love your country but now you don’t, you’re an EM “economic mercenary” along with many others of your ilk.

Why should I and other South African Patriots who have decided that perhaps, just perhaps if we all stop whinging and pull together we can ensure this country remains great have to pay hard earned tax money so that some smug bastard can have his cake and eat it to. I am not sure how long Mr Richter has lived in UK but if its more than a year, you have no say in this country as you have not been contributing to it either by paying taxes or by imparting your skills on the general public and making this country strong instead of a foreign country, one that your forefathers fought twice. And Mr. Richter don’t throw the “I cant find a job because I am white South African” crap at me, this country is crying out for skilled people, especially teachers and if you could not find a job in this country then you where either very bad at your job or you do not like the fact that the country is run by a black government, the fact you had the Freedom front represent your case shows me where your loyalties lie.

The money you are having the government waste could be better used and if you feel so strong about voting perhaps we should charge each EM earning the big bucks for voting, lets see how many of you would want to vote then, or better still pack your bags, get on a plane and come and vote here, make a difference here. Just decide if you are a South African or not, if you are come home and assist in building up the country, if not then cut the apron strings boetie. Hopefully the Constitutional court will overturn this ruling as I believe you and the Freedom front are using this as a political ploy, “you know what, perhaps you should just stay on the island, they deserve you”

Oh one more thing if you love this country so much why did they use a photo of you with Stonehenge in the background ?????????????????? “Eish”

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