Pasta advert

The Pasta advert finished today and has been 3 loooooonnnng but interesting and fun days. I have worked on adverts before, but not as an extra so this was a first for me. As I said yesterday my daughter also had a part and while very tired (as yesterday we worked 14 hours and close to that today) she also had a great time.

A number of Clarenites (that’s what we call people who live in Clarens) where also extras and I have to say while I know many of them from sight or to say hi to, they have only recently moved in to the village so the last two days was a chance to get to know them better. On Sunday we had a dress rehearsal and a number of us showed that we could use the Scythe and that was our job. Hard work and I have respect for the farm workers of days-gone bye. It was interesting to think that Danie, Stanford, Francois, Andre and myself where probably the first people in many years to actually cut wheat in the area as they did way back when.

Its late so that’s it for today. Enjoy the photos

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