The beggining

Hi, My name is Stephen and as from today I will be writing on my Blog "The diaries of a village idiot" (hopefully someone will read this :-))I have to tell you right from the start that my spelling is not that great and i do not believe in using commas and full stops. I am not going to give you the story of my life and bore the hell out of you in my first posting, that i will gardually get to do over the days, weeks, months and years to come.

I live in a small drinking village with a fishing problem called Clarens and have lived here with my wife and daughter for the last nine years. I will not only write about life in the village as well as the people that live here ("and believe me there are times that we should be a reality TV show") I will also post stories and photographs that i feel are relevant at the time or just feel like writing

Writing for a local magazine "Speckled Bean" the researching and writing of a military political history book "the Phantom of the Forest" hopefully to be edited and published this year have given me the confidence to create this blog and if you had of told me a few years back that I would enjoy writing and taking photographs I would have laughed at you.

well that's it for now, not very exciting i know, but the postings will get better and hopefully more people, other than my wife, daughter and mom will read what i put down.

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