Didn’t see that Karma coming

So the great news that we South Africans received this week  is that next Wednesday the price of petrol is going up 41 c a litre..................SHIT it comes down by 9 c and 12 cents over a 2 month period and the BAM not even a dinner and were getting screwed. Means petrol at the coast will be nearly R12 a Frikken litre, sucks big time.

Tania bought our tickets for the UK, yeah going to pay the island a visit (it needs some class for a while) as some of you may know the UK or the  “island” as i like to call it ain’t my favourite place in the world and spose I am going to have to eat humble  pie for a while. Why am i going ? well the missus wants to c her sister who moved there 5 years ago for a “year or two” and ain’t coming back, so we are paying them a visit. We were going to ravel on Pommie passports, but thankfully they were so full of shit we are travelling on South African passports. I place i really wanted to visit if the Imperial war museum, and I went onto their website to check opening times ate etc and its closed for renovations till July 13, (we fly back home on the 5th). Oh well Ace cafe and a couple of Harley shops are on the list. Thankfully we are not going in winter, I will know because in summer they don’t get snow apparently. Thank goodness for that because as this headline shows the island now has sex perverts who molest snowmen...................... 

Did something on Wednesday that have not done in such a long time, in fact i can’t even remember when I performed this act....................When was the last time you placed papers inside and envelope and placked a stamp on it ?. It was like “I have done this before, but just can’t remember when”. A piece of advice if you’re going to rush out and buy envelopes and stamps just to see what it feels like, don’t lick the stamp or the back of the envelope, they are self adhesive. Took me about 2 hours to get the taste out of my mouth.  

A headline in a local paper caught my eye this week , 123 kids in 1 class, yeah you read correctly 123 kids. We have 90 000 000 to give war torn Mali but we don’t have the funds........ “wait maybe we do” we just don’t have the right people to ensure that its spent properly and not stolen or wasted.

About a week ago on Algoa radio face book page they asked if anyone was interested in doing a morning  as a  Guest presenter, well i obviously said “hell Yeah” , after all I do have the face for radio. So on Friday i got a call from them asking me if i was still interested, of course I said yes, but “damn” the day they need me 13/2/2013 i am in East London on the 2nd week of SAMTRAC. I have been on radio before, being interviewed so it would have been cool to be a presenter. “Oh well maybe next time”

The house behind NOSA has a tennis court and a pool, its hired out so as you can imagine the tenants don’t look after the property as if it was their own. So the pool looks like  where Shrek could live and it looks as if they are trying to turn the clay court into a grass court.
Gabby friend Allen had a bike accident on Wednesday he was hit by a car that was looking it jump into the gap in the morning traffic. The driver of the car told the police that he had only ‘bumped” the scooter......................”See photo and decide for yourself”. Allen is very bruised and sore, but will live to ride another day. While not lekker for him , it was a wake-up call for gabby and her other mates who ride to school and back in heavy traffic. 

Allen was lucky to get out of this one with only heavy bruising
If you ever drive past a block of flats and see a car/bakkie hooked up to a trailer and its packed with furniture and household goods, spare a thought for the poor sods that are either moving in or out, especially if they are way up on one of the top floors. My mate Rob called to see if i could help him move from his flat, of course i said yes, but could only do it after work on Thursday. I had assumed that Rob was going to be moving from one flat to another in the same block.  Assume (can make an ASS out of U and ME. Thankfully Gabby and Tania had offered their assistance with Gabby going to help about an hour earlier than Tania and I got there. Rob then tells me that he is moving to a cottage in Sardinia Bay about 16kms from where he has his flat on the beachfront. Oh let me mention now that Rob resides (did reside) on the 17th floor of ‘Beaches” flats.....................flat 1707 to be exact. Well to cut a LONG story short while Tania and Gabby packed Rob, I and his neighbour (thank god he helped) moved the furniture etc to the Goods lift, then I would pack the lift and travel the 17 stories (very very slowly i may add, hell  they opened a coffee bar on that lift they would have made money) and then unpack it at the bottom. Originally Rob had the car and trailer parked 500ms away and I said boet you need to move the trailer etc to the car park area. Oh did i mention that it was Frikken hot and about 99.9 % humidity. By 9.30pm we had him all packed and then drove with him to new cottage.................Moving out of flats is not easy believe me, I slept like a log on Thursday night.

Bafana Bafana played Mali in the Q finals in Durban yesterday at 8pm and lost 3/1 in the penalty shootout after extra time when both teams had a goal apiece, we where shocking at the shootout, absolutely pathetic, earlier in the day Ghana had beaten a hard working Cape Verde Islands 2/0 at the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium, here in PE. I have not had the chance to get to a game and being in EL it looks like I won’t either.  
The Protea’s are playing Pakistan at the Wanderers in a 5 day test, they started the game on Friday, The Protea’s won the toss and decided to bat, they were bowled out for a below par 253. Headline were not complimentary to the team this morning (Saturday 2/2/2013) Pakistan started the day on 6/0 and were bowled out for 49 runs, ‘yes 49 runs” Dale Steyn getting  6 wickets for 8 runs). Proteas are piling on the runs with AMLA and du Plessis doing some damage .

A while back  a radio station asked for comments regards cyclists, I did not send in any info but i would like to add my 5 cents worth to the debate about these guys on the road.. I find it amazing that the majority of cyclists expect other road users to take them into consideration and obey the rules of the road, when they themselves do not take road users into account and regularly  flout the rules of the road. A prime example of this is when you get to a traffic light that is green for you but a cyclist rides through the red on his/her side and stop streets merely mean a quick glance to see if i can put on a burst of speed and make it across the road without actually having to stop. Should a cyclist however be hit while breaking these rules, it will of course be the other persons fault.

Started a new Blog this week as well, it’s called “Born warriors”  www.theywerebornwarriors.blogspot.com. Its a Blog that hopefully will have not only myself contributing but others as well. As the title suggests it’s a military  Blog and i want to tell the stories of forgotten hero’s of especially the African wars that have plagued this continent way back, but concentrating mainly between the years 1950 – present day.....................take a look.
Well on way to East London for the week

Have a great one

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