“And the Oscar goes to”? -----------------------------“JAIL”

This week’s Blog was originally going to be called The F word and lead with Eskom and the fat cats that run it, however with the news on Thursday morning (Valentine’s day) that paraplegic runner  Oscar Pistolorius, sorry Pistorius AKA the Blade runner had accidentally shot his girlfriend (FHM model and Lawyer) Reeva Steenkamp 4 times through a bathroom door, yes 4 times, how do you accidentally shoot someone 4 times and while they are in the bathroom...................??

If he did shoot her accidentally let’s have a look at this rationally. Does he sleep with a gun next to him ? if he does not he would have had to fetch it surely in that time he would have said “is there anyone there” and she would have replied Yes honey it’s me. She lived there so it’s not like he was not expecting anyone to come home. Apparently there is reports of domestic violence 2 -3 hours before the incident, mmmmmmm lets see what happens but methinks that there is more to this than meets the eye especially when u hear that neighbors told the cops that there had been shouting and loud noises before the gunshots and the police confirmed that there had been domestic violence cases from the house in the past, seems that the Blade runner has anger issues and is a gun freak. I believe that he shot her on purpose after an argument and the “break in “ scenario was a way to deflect attention away from the Oscar that the public see and read about. I also believe that Oscar has tattoo’s of scriptures on his arms and back, wonder if one of them says ‘Thou shalt not kill” “ Oh and it was neighbor that called the police, not Oscar.
There is however one concern for me , last week 2 sick bastards raped and mutilated a 17 year old girl, they were arrested and then given bail, I am sure that there court case will take a while. Jub Jub some half assed singer wanna be drove into a group of people last year drag racing under influence of alcohol and drugs and killed a few, his court case has dragged on for 2 years, even though there was plenty of witnesses. Oscar was arrested a few hours after the shooting, taken to jail, refused bail (that’s almost unheard of)and today he is in court being charged with  either murder or premeditated murder..................mmmm, wonder if they will make an exception and bring back the death penalty for him if found guilty. Now that’s the way it should be , but should be the same for everyone. Another interesting issue is why no immediate outcry from the white population for the death penalty?? “perhaps because he is a celebrity, Afrikaans or just white” ??...................double standards in both issues. Not sure what he is going to be charged with but if all else fails he can always use the “Shabir Shaik”, “Jacki Selebi” or “Shrien Dewani” defence and pretend he has some incurable disease, or has had a mental breakdown. Or he could perhaps the Jacob Zuma excuse of “Verwoed or Apartheid made me do it”.
As is the norm when a famous person Fucks up, us lesser mortals make jokes about the situation, Oscar was not in jail 10 minutes and the jokes had started, here they are: Things are not that bad for Oscar, on the bright side , he has the best parking space at court . Oscar Pistolrius’s girlfriend must have known he was armed, there the only limbs he  has. Oscar misunderstood when Reeva said to him “babe I want you to take me out on Valentine’s day”. Reeva bought him leg warmers for him for Valentines and that’s when the argument started, his legal team will have to come up with a defence strategy and just Run with it, when Reeva asked Oscar to give her shots (slang for sex in SA) that’s not what she was expecting. I hope he has money to pay his legal fees, otherwise taxpayers may need to foot the bill. If he runs out of money during the trial his family will probably give him a leg up. His favourite movie ? My bloody Valentine or Valentine’s day massacre, Oscar took his girl-fiends breath away this Valentine’s day............................Sick I know but some good ones.
Perhaps Nike who was the sponsors of Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong and of Oscar should maybe change their logo to “Don't do it”     
News just in is that he is being charged with premeditated murder as they found a bullet hole in the bedroom and 3 through the bathroom door, so it looks like he shot Reeva once in bedroom and she ran to the bathroom where he shot her another 3 times through the door. Premeditated  = (intentional, calculated, deliberate) methinks he is F----ked, bet you he will bring out the “Big Guns” to defend him.
ESKOM Fat cats are raking in the bucks, living in the lap of luxury but the business is not operating at the efficient levels that one would expect. The Fuckers want more money, the top 2 men at EK’S,DOM rake in over R4 000 000 per month and yet they want to raise the electricity  price by 16% a year for the next 5 years. WTF, seriously, who can spend R4000 000 per month and it not like there doing a great job, in fact they suck big time, retarded chimps could do a better job.

It’s not like  they should be making a profit, it’s not like they  need to sit round and come up with “out the box ideas or marketing strategies on how to sell electricity”. Eskom has two functions  1) supply the country with electricity and 2) cover their costs. Instead they don’t  and want to make huge profits, they have no shareholders, to impress , the government is the shareholder and the government is supposed to work for us. Ek’s Dom needs to understand that they should be managing the debt, not charging more to build power stations for cash and then making huge profits from it, so they can pay themselves even more. There is a saying if you want to become a millionaire, work for Eskom.

4 000 000 people don’t or can hardly speak English in England, that’s how many foreigners and different nationalities they have living on the island now. Going in June and can’t wait to ride a tube and ask in Afrikaans why everyone looks so glum and see what happens.

While in East London I used a gym near to Carls place was pretty lekker, they have a  Ken and Barbie on “steroids” couple at the gym........not too shabby in the muscle department myself, “ I do have muscles” otherwise i would not be able to walk or pick things up. Anyway the dude was huge, in fact he looked like he had just been to the garage and asked them to pump 3 bar into each arm and 2 in his chest, in fact i was looking for valves. The Obligatory blonde big busted bimbo was also toned way to much for my liking. As a joke i said to Steroid man, do you think i 2 weeks i can look like you, his reply “my girlfriend here can push bigger weights than you” and he had a silly smirk on his face. Not one to stand back when a troglodyte (even when his one arm is bigger than me) talks Kak my reply was did you come out of your mother like that. The guys at the gym told me that he does steroids and pumps oils into his muscles. 
Was the 2nd week of SAMTRAC and have to say what a great group of students one in particular really inspired me, Shayna is about 20 and has taken a loan to do SAMTRAC so she can better herself in the Safety industry. I am really hoping that when i mark on Monday that she passes, she worked hard and studied, so i want that to pay off for her.       

Nigeria won the AFCON cup so JZ got his wish that an African nation would win. And even better the cup is staying in South Africa, it will have a home in Hillbrow. South African will understand that, but non Sefricans wont, so let me explain . . . . ..there are probably more Nigerians in SA than in some parts of Nigeria, in fact if Nigeria had a natural disaster that killed 5 million Nigerians we could probably replace them.   
85 year Pope Benedict the 16th has resigned his position as head of the Catholic church, well he is German and we all know the Germans are good at surrendering. I thought that they had to die on the job so to speak, after all is he not chosen by God and is he not speaking on Behalf of God to the Catholic faithful? I was also under the impression that the black smoke that indicates a new pope has been elected by the other dudes in duck hats (with the help of God of course)was not in fact the ballot papers they were burning to indicate they had elected a new pope but the body of the pope who they were cremating, “Oh come on it could be true”.  He is the 1st pope in 700 years to resign and is citing old age, lack of Justin Bieber tickets and he may want a shag before he dies . Seems that the next Pontiff, will be either from South America or Africa (they had better hide the valuable stuff). Apparently one of the candidates us called Antonio Secola, I think he should be the Pontiff, why u ask ? “Is he better qualified than the other candidates, has he fiddled with more little choir boys”? Nope can u imagine him being introduced to the premier of a country, “Your excellency his eminence  Pope SeCola (get it Pepsi Cola, hahahahaha, shit I am funny). On a more serious note this picture explains why he has really decided to resign.

did something else not done in a long time this week, took a dog for a walk, or perhaps he took me. Tank is a Staffie and belongs to Carl  who owns the guesthouse I stay in when I am in East London. I was going for a walk and Carl asked me to take him along. Apart from him wanting to go to every dog in the suburb we walked in, and there are plenty he behaved OK and had a good time.

After the rape and murder of Anele Booysen another 2 women have been raped and killed in the Western Cape, this has opened the debate on the death penalty once again with many wanting a referendum on the matter, this is the response by Women and Children Minister Lulu Xingwana. She  said government was leading "from the front" when it came to crimes against women and children. Police had a sexual offences unit and units for protecting families and children. A concerted effort was also being made to establish sexual offences courts.
When asked if government would reinstate the death penalty for such crimes, Xingwana said this was against the democratic values of the country."It is against our ethos of human rights." She said the country would not consider castration of rapists as practiced by select countries."We will not do anything that is illegal as government. Well, we believe in human rights of all people and believe the courts are the body that should be given the authority to ensure the law takes its course."
The law taking its Course Lulu, is that the Fuckers will get off due to some Frikken technicality, one of the accused has already been released due to “lack of evidence”  and as far as Scums human rights, get real, once someone abuse a child or murders a person they forfeit their human rights, what about the rights of those affected..................Have a referendum, you say it’s a democratic country and we rule by the will of the people, then lets test that theory. The only reason we don’t is that the majority of people being sentenced to death would be non-white, well guess what the majority of crimes being committed are by non-whites so “if the shoe fits” Lulu.
The minister further  said “the entire nation shared in the grief of Booysen's family and that her death would not be in vain” so tell us Lulu how is that going to happen, how r u and the government going to ensure that is was not in vain, you cannot have a plan without implementing it and ensuring that its checked and acted upon....................do that and her death will not be in vain  
There is a new campaign now called 1 Billion rising and they are teaching people a dance that shows u are against the abuse and rape of women and children and advocating Black Friday were we have to wear Black to show we are against the abuse of women and children.............WTF is a dance and wearing black going to do, we know we have a problem, dancing about it and wearing Black is going to do Fuck all, seriously this issue has to be tackled at home, at school, at church and it’s called discipline and respect, it’s that simple. You can have campaigns like this till the cows come home , until you solve the problem at its roots they are going to be useless.
This is my  personal take on the  issue of rape and abuse of our women and children: We should not just show our disgust at the abuse of our women and children one day a year and after a horrific incident, for us men it should be a lifestyle. REAL MEN DON'T ABUSE WOMEN AND CHILDREN. Lets become a better country by becoming better citizens. Maybe that's a bit naive, but i don’t care to be honest.
Thursday was “Stet of the Nation” address by JZ and while he Blah Blah Blahed about the normal, you know how great he and the ANC was and waxed lyrically about how they were going to stop women and children abuse, corruption, poverty, unemployment, infrastructure building, schooling, teachers etc etc ad nausea . instead of words we need actions and implementation, otherwise he may as well just stand up and say “Sorry, We are Fucked”  ALL talk and NO action is what we do here in SA at the moment.

Lets blame it on Apartheid, Verwoed, Eugene Terreblanche etc etc its the excuse of our esteemed  president  as he again shows in this extract from a local newspaper: Cape Town - Violence in society originates from the apartheid system, President Jacob Zuma said on Friday."I don't think as a nation we just became violent overnight. Violence is a direct consequence of apartheid. Apartheid was a very violent system. So violent that even if you peacefully demonstrated, they would shoot at you and kill you," Zuma told a The New Age breakfast. (So what you are saying is the police and the army and police went round raping and abusing women and children thereby setting the example of future generations who had not even been born yet or were still in nappies??). our Ninja turtle wannabe Prez then also went on to say

“The African National Congress was a non-violent organisation. However, due to persistent violence from the apartheid government, the party had to take up arms”. (you can’t be non violent if you take up arms, just as you can’t be a Vegetarian if you eat meat to show people how bad it is for you). Gandhi was non – violent there is a difference.
"Those who are demonstrating for example, because they are from that kind of situation that if you protest you are going to be shot at, so they are already in a sense full of readiness to do violence," Zuma  also said. "If we have that background it means it is not a matter that we are going to deal with overnight. We are going to take time." However, Zuma condemned violent protests. He urged citizens to respect other people's rights while exercising their right to strike. (don’t condemn, take action as the government you need to take the lead and a) set examples, b) uphold the rule of law. It’s that Fucking simple.
And here is another question Mr. Prezidant . Please do  explain to the honest, hard-working black South Africans why it is that THEY have managed to become decent citizens, when  you yourself believe that they should be living lives of hatred and crime..........................“Asshole”.
Wednesday night in EL was one of if not the worst  night’s sleep I have had , had to move from Tindale to another guest house due to an overbooking the place had no aircon or pool. There was a fan in the room so I basically had a couple of lukewarm showers (water pipes so hot) and then lay on top of the bed and moved fan to cool me, now  know what it looks like to blow dry Chewbacca from Star wars . 
Cape Town - South Africa announced its opposition to a total ban on rhino trophy exports, saying it has beefed up hunt rules amid a poaching crisis that has killed 96 animals this year. The Government backed a recommendation by the UN wildlife trade regulator Cites secretariat that a proposal halting trade in rhino trophies and products be rejected at an upcoming meeting.
We also welcome Cites’ acknowledgement of the recent significant steps taken to improve the management of rhino hunting," said Environment Minister Edna Molewa in a statement. Kenya has proposed that a zero export quota be put in place in Swaziland and South Africa, which has the world's biggest white rhino population and allows legal hunting.
It is one of dozens of proposals on the global wildlife trade that will be voted on at next month's meeting of the 176-member country body in Bangkok. OK so let me get this right, we are having Rhinos shot and poached  at such an alarming speed that in the near future the only examples we may have will be on a R10 note, but we are still saying as a government that we can still shoot them for trophy’s under controlled conditions.  Also the attaching of a  red penis looking thingy to the front of your car, buy bracelets or CD’s, wear black honk your horn at 12pm on a Wednesday afternoon or sign a petition is not working, the only way to stop this is to shoot the F—kers that are killing them, last week they shot 3 so this year its Rhino’s 3 Poachers 93, should be the other way round.
Well that’s it for this week, another week ahead, let’s see what it brings.


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