Im’e not a racist but........................Please be patient

Words you have either heard or uttered yourself at some stage or another over the last few days, weeks, years. Usually after the words comes the tirade about the government, BEE , service delivery, state of the schools, roads, lack of sunshine etc etc. Have to admit that while over the years i have defended the government my patients is starting to wear just a little thin a how the ANC are Fking up the country and still not accepting responsibility for it. In the 80’s they promised to make ZA ungovernable who would have thought they would have got it right while actually running the country themselves...........................Get your act together assholes. And stop blaming the whites, rinderpestt, global warming and Verwoerd for all yoru shortcomings otherwise our currency will be worth shit in a few years time.     

2 weeks ago I was in a “town called Clarens” for its 100th birthday celebrations have been real lethargic in writing what i felt about the trip, which is perhaps good as i had time to mull over the time spent in what was once “my village”

Well the trip to Clarens was wet to start with as it rained all the way from PE to Aliwal North (and then continued to rain in PE until we got back) I then played “pothole”  between Rouxville and Ladybrand with me reaching level 9 between Hobhouse and Ladybrand, in fact at one stage i contemplated driving in the veld (field or dale for those non South African readers) as i am sure it would have been a smoother ride.
Basically Clarens was a blur of drink eat and sell books, with a few highlights thrown in between and in no particular order.

1.       Clarens Blonde
S.       Seeing Mark Natalie and Stephan 
3.       Friends
4.       Clarens Blonde
5.       Being interviewd on radio OFM (while drinking a blonde)
6.       Clarens Blonde
7.       Beer Bombs
8.       Selling enough books to pay for the trip
9.       Seeing Dave and Barbara Green (was awesome to see them)
1 .   Meeting Meatbombs Fiance Shelly.
1 .   Clarens Blonde
1 .   Beer bombs
1 .   Seeing Jeanelle, Di and Kelvin
1 .   More Clarens Blonde and Beer Bombs          

Must say was disappointed that we did not see so many of the locals that we had been friends with over the years or those that we did see didn’t really make the effort to chat................oh well i suppose that’s what happens when you have not been around for a couple of years, but have to say that i don’t think there is a sense of community in the village like there was before. The trip back was ok and came via Craddock as a large section of theN2 between Grahamstown and PE just did a “David Copperfield” and disappeared.

The rains really caused Havoc in this part of the world, especially along the coastal road between PE and East London, probably adding another 100kms and 2 hours to the journey. I have not been to EL for a month now and don’t forsee going to next year. Probably going to Mossel bay on Wednesday for a couple of days.3rd avenue dip , the route i take to work is also closed at the moment ue to damage from the flood waters, i am still using it as the scooter can get passed the humps and bumps, but had to take the car to work on Friday and took  1 hour to get the 6.5 kms to i know why i ride a scooter.

Still gyming, in fact just got back from torturing myself  this morning, while its hard (especially at this advanced age) i do enjoy it.

Gabby has a new horse that she is riding, its called Beau and is a Friesland, she s chuffed because she gets to ride her motorbike to go and ride. Must say she is a good rider (horse and motorbike)

I am suffering from PMS (parked motorbike syndrome) Triumph has been out of action for  over a month but hopefully soon she will be ready to take on a long ride. Really miss being able to get on the bike and go for a long fast ride. Been watching the latest season of Sons of Anarchy.......great series and if you have never watched it do yourself a favour and grab seasons 1-4 and you will get hooked. 

Weather is lekker today so looks like we will hook up with Rob and go for a beach walk at Schoonies and then have a beer or two to quench the thirst afterwards.

Well that’s it for this week, know i have been remiss in not writing for a while but I have been busy and at this time of the year really mentally tired, I have also been writing to chapters fpr a book that will be published in Portugal within the next year , one on Daniel Roxo and another i have been asked to write about a Alves Cardoso and a special forces unit called the Flecha’s (arrows) that operated in Angola and Mozambique..............very excited about that as the gent assisting with information has taken myself and my good friend in Portugal “Luiz” intro his confidence and is assisting however he can, so it will be the first time most of the info that I am writing about will be published.

Ok well have a great week, thanks for continuing to read the intermittent Blogs and don’t forget Xmas is just around the corner. And i have  found my xmas present , its a 2 book history of 32 Battalion and costs a mere , drum roll please................................R850. Dear Santa i have .........

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