Don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moon light don’t blame it on the good times, blame it on...........................

Verwoed......................Yes Hendrik Frensch Verwoed the architect of apartheid that was assassinated by some Greek loony tunes on 6 September 1966 is still able after all those years able to reach from the grave and F%^k with black people’s lives. This is according to our esteemed, large penis’d, shower to get rid of aids and multi partnered President his honourable Mr Jacob Gedleyihlekisa Zuma or JZ as he is fondly known by his legion of fans.

You see the reason that Limpopo has no books and that the kids are not getting education is because of Verwoed and his education policy not wanting to educate Blacks. I am actually at a loss for words so i am not going to comment at this stage other than to say “what a doos”

See that Malema has been stirring the pot regards Zuma as well: “ What could be described as his most scathing attack of President Jacob Zuma yet, former ANC youth league president Julius Malema said the president was morally unfit to conduct former president Nelson Mandela’s funeral.Speaking in Qumbu, near Mthatha in Eastern Cape last night, Malema accused Zuma of undermining Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

“We must pray Mandela to live long up until Zuma is no longer president because he (Zuma) does not qualify to bury him. He does not have the moral authority to stand near his coffin (as state president),” he said, also calling Zuma a liability to the ANC and the country”.

So the Winter Olympic games in London have started, our family that live there are all agog at being in London at this time, know how they feel as was great to be in SA when  we SO SUCCESSFULLY hosted the Soccer world cup in 2010. Gotta say a part of me is hoping that the Poms drop the ball because they gave us so much shit about not being able to host a Soccer World cup. I see already we have had a anthem and a flag incident so let’s see what the rest of the games bring. Missed the opening ceremony so really can’t say what it was about other than amazing if you look at family FB comments. Apparently the show incorporated all the good things that depicts the island, Cows, sheep, Mr Bean, 007 and the queen......................”Oh Yeah”.  I wonder if they carefully edited out the highlites of British history, No Colonialism, No concentration camps in South Africa, no stealing of other countries diamonds and gold etc etc.

Great excitement and photos galore with the specially  designed Olympic torch by two alternative lifestyle designers making a 70 day journey around Great Britain....................They must have run really slowly” because surely it can’t take that long to walk/run around the island? Don’t you think the torch looks like a King Cone or a fancy cigarette lighter. 

I see that a number of athletes competing for Great Britain would not sing “God save the Queen” because of political overtones..................How rude, you want to compete at the Olympics under the Pommie flag but don’t want to sing the anthem....................SIS on you Ryan Gigs. The Scots are trying to break up Great Britain (and I say that with tongue in cheek)......................seems the Scots don’t like the POMS that much, hell come to think of it neither do the Irish or the Welsh.................mmmmmmmm you see the trend here?
Now just read this on Sky news: Olympic organisers have launched an investigation after fans expressed disappointment at the sight of rows of empty seats on the first day of the London Games. Locog were prompted to act after gaps were visible at a number of venues, including the Aquatics Centre where British medal hope Hannah Miley missed out on a podium place in the  400 metres individual medley final. In contrast, huge crowds lined the streets, where tickets were not required, to watch Mark Cavendish and Team GB compete in the cycling road race.
Oh and this really interests me ................NOT but I will tell you anyway the Beckams are planning to have sex this Olympics so they can produce an Olympic baby...........any bets on what it will be called...................another poor baby born on the island.   
So remember the day I bought Gabby a tricycle and then the big bike with training wheels, the skateboard, rollerblades, big bicycle, electric scooter and yesterday we bought her a Honda 125 XLR, so when she turns 16 she will have her own transport, She can ride the scooter pretty well so I will need to start teaching her how to ride the bike and get her booked to do licences etc etc.    

Sad about all the people killed and injured in Aurora(USA) at the midnight screening of the new Batman movie  by some lunatic with access to automatic weapons and gas. I see one of those killed was a 6 year old child. This begs a couple of questions such as what was a 6 year old doing at a midnight show that has a age restriction and how did the parents manage to get that child in the movie house? You do know that those parents of the child will now sue the movie house for allowing the child into the show, even though they made the conscious decision to do so themselves.....................God Bless America.    
So the Super 15 Final is Sharks VS Chiefs in Hamilton New Zealand, probably an upset final cause many believed that it would be the Crusaders VS Stormers  at Newlands. Both the Sharks and the Chiefs played really well so hopefully the Sharks will be able to take a 3rd trip in 3 weeks and win the Super 15 for all South African Rugby supporters.  

Well that’s it for this week. Oh the reason i have not written Blogs for a while is..................Ah F#$k it  its Verwoeds fault


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