Despatches from the Frontier

While I am still an idiot I no longer live in a village so the Diaries of a village idiot are going to have to give way to another ?? After much thought and consultation with many various people with diversified backgrounds, the two of us came up with “Despatches from the Frontier” as some of you may be aware a despatch is a message or a report and I thought that with the vibrant backwater of Despatch not to far from PE as well as the Eastern Cape being known as the Fronteir for many a year I would combine the two together in a witty title…..yea I know I am good and modest.

Soooo what the ex V.I been doing this week you may well ask……..well as per usual studying me ass off but with hard works come rewards as was signed off to be able to teach another course to students (the course was She Rep Funtions) and it’s a 3 day course. No She Rep functions is not about what a woman should be doing if she wants to sell things…………just in case you where wondering.

Getting excited (like a kid just before Xmas) for impending trip to Clarens, looks like a number of Clarenites also seem to be looking forward to me going, Book Launch, Rugby at Friends with cold beer and Chicken strips, (you listening Kelvin??), Spit Braai at Robs place, a Blonde or two at Clarens Brewery, seeing old mates and seeing Meatbomb,,,,,,,,,,,,,we doing the Zip line Bro ??

Here is a picture that sort of proves there is Global warming.

Spring is nearly here and cant wait for those summer afternoons that I finish work and then go to the beach to waveski or snorkel or just watch the world go by, sure beats having to travel two hours back and forth to work on a daily basis, even worse for those in Northern Climes when its dark most of the day and the weather is really crap. would have to think if i was overseas that would be the time that i would really get homesick and wish i was actually back home

Apart from studying and preparing for my facilitation this week, has been rather boring this side apart fro seeing this dude playing the lie down game outside a clients factory on Tuesday. Still doing work on the house and the garden, must say the house and garden is looking 100000000% better than when we first looked at it and decided to buy.

This weekends Tri nations game was the first that I have watched and I must say that the way the ref handles the game was nothing less than shocking, “We wus robbed” as they say in the classics. I am so upset at the way that The All Blacks seem to get away with murder and are allowed tries that are if South Africa scored would not be allowed.

Well that’s it for now. Have a great week


S.P.A.D. (Stephen Published Author Dunkley). Thanks for the new name Jeanelle.

PS; No despatches next Sunday as I will be in the village ………Yes the Idiot is doing an internal audit on Clarens to see that those he left behind have ……..sorry are still doing a great job on ensuring everything is as I left it. Also having my first ever book launch at the Bibliophile so hopefully will sell some books to pay for the trip. More about that next Blog.

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